The one single talisman that keeps the world intact, throughout ages, is the fact that good people and kind deeds exist. There is no greater joy than knowing that where there is a lot of wrong doing, there is virtue to over shadow it. Little seemingly insignificant deeds that make up enormous ripples that will eventually come back to you.

This is a list of some basic and effortless good deeds that will make the world a better place to live in:

1. Smile and Wave!

This is the simplest good deed of them all. If an angry or upset person frowns at you, then offer them a smile. Often, a simple smile can cause them to feel better. In fact, many people mirror other people instinctively, and offering a smile may lead to getting a smile in return. And it is universally agreed upon, that a single smile can light up a whole place.

2. Compliments, Compliments:

good deeds It is observed that many people are hardwired not to give compliments, even to their closest allies or family members. It is usually a universal egoistic issue, that for some unwise reason, paying a compliment is derogatory to one’s self, but this is not true. If you give someone a compliment for a job well done, you will not be detracting for the greatness that is you – instead, you will be adding to it and making someone else feel good at the same time.

3. Recycle it all:

There is no excuse not to recycle anymore. What with the green-drought and the landfills, everywhere you look there are bins and bags to recycle in. Every single thing that you recycle, you are doing the Earth a favor and every living soul that walks the land! You can’t reach too many more people with one better deed than that! Like the ‘contagious’ smile that was mentioned above, this might be impactful as well! To read a good piece about recycling, visit our blog.

4. Some Coins for a Smile:

Almost on a daily basis, we come across people who are in need of that little amount of change that we do not require. The homeless man or woman on the street, the old woman in the grocery line who is shy a few, and the child with his heart set on a candy bar that he doesn’t have the money for. If you have some extra change sitting idle in your pocket, you might as well do a good deed with it.

5. Let them go first:

positive attitudeIt is evident that as a society we have become so impatient that we are constantly trying to cut each other off with our cars and with ourselves. And not many of us give way to someone else when they are trying to cut us off.

But giving it another perspective, if someone is trying to get ahead of you, then they may have a legitimate reason such as a sick loved one that they are trying to get to, an important meeting that could make or break their career or something else that they don’t have time to stop and talk about with you.

Give the world something back, something meaningful, which doesn’t even cost you. The world has been kind to us; it’s our obligation to return the favor by spreading positivity all around!

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Source: Balanced Life Team

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