The holidays are upon us, finally!  We all want to be happy in our lives. Happiness increases and magnifies when you share it with others. Here are 5 things you should do everyday to be happy.

In a previous life, for a different crowd, at a different point in time, an article was written and published on how a day of someone’s dreary life can be brightened by small acts of kindness and virtue. It was also was put out in the open that this affects the person responsible for the act, and how the universe implodes around that one act into countless ripples that travel back to the doer. Here are some more, in a different life, at a different time, but for the same crowd; the people of Earth.

1. Make someone’s day

make someone happyTell your colleague that you love her/his new outfit, tell someone you adore their blog post and that it’s the best thing you’ve read all week, text your companion and say, “Hi. You’re a very important part of my life”. Be nice because it’s so easy to be nice and it instantly, within that second, changes someone’s day. We could all do with being told we’re great every once in awhile.

2. Illuminate yourself

An article, a blog post, an information portal, or just a plain old school newspaper. It’s so easy to stop learning once you leave education, but you often find yourself immersed in a piece of information that would’ve been forgotten. Illuminate yourself with the little things that life (and the internet) has to offer.

3. Take Care of yourself and your surroundings

Cleaning up after yourself is a basic good deed that you can provide the universe with. If you pay heed to the hygiene gradient, you will never have to look for another excuse of a virtue again. It is marvelous in its simplicity as it is infectious.

4. Eat something exquisite and share

exquisite Eat something that would make you happy inside and out. A meal at the new restaurant that turned out to be a delight in a prior visit, a family secret recipe, a bar of chocolate or something from the dessert place around the corner. Anything that might uplift your mood, but let it not omit the true purpose in haste; sharing. Share your food with someone who hasn’t had food, someone who doesn’t afford to go to the place you’re visiting, a homeless person, anything, anyone. There is no such thing in the world as unwelcome food.

5. Get out of the web

Drop your cell phone (the idea of it). Gadgets and technologies are destroying our universe as we speak. There is no greater harm to a relationship marred by the priorities towards the workplace or pseudo-connectivity. Leave your phone, exit your social networking applications, come to the realization that there is a real world and you are a real person, and there are other real people as well.

Go out today, and make someone’s day!

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Source: Balanced Life Team

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