The most important physical feature of mankind is the ability to fend off diseases with the immune system. The immune system is an essential part of survival and keeping it in check is as necessary as the air we breathe in. Here are some daily-routine things you should do to keep your immune system up and running:

1) Watch what you eat

Eating right and healthy is one of the most important components in keeping your immune system on track. Synthetic and processed foods are the killers in this story. Green is the word you need to keep and constantly repeat in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Vegetables, fresh fruits and all sorts of salads should be a regular part of your diet. On the meaty end of things, fresh unprocessed meat, cooked with minimum lipids, is also your health insurance coverage. Vitamin intake, protein check, and fiber keep tabs on these in your diet!

2) The Air You Breathe

meditationImagine a soft sponge, it soaks up a large volume of thick black dense liquid, and now it is being forced to pass air through. That sponge is your lung if you are an avid smoker. There’s only one logical solution to smoking; quit. It’s all in your head, you don’t need it. Breathe the fresh natural air, the way it’s meant to be. Keeping your lungs in their prime is your ticket to a long, healthy life.

3) Hygiene

Keeping a healthy amount of hygiene in your daily life is essential for a healthy immune system. An immune system implies that you stay away from diseases. That is only possible if you keep away from infectious entities and antigens by keeping yourself and your environment clean and germ-free. Cleanliness never hurt anyone, ever!

4) Keep your heart in good shape:

Another necessity in keeping tabs on your immune system is ensuring your cardiac health. That can be made possible by taking as little stress as you can, eating right and healthy, avoiding 
heart-damaging habits (smoking, drinking etc) and lots of exercises. Keep regular checks on your vitals, blood pressure, blood sugar etc. A healthy heart is, again, your health insurance coverage.

5) Walk, Run, Exercise!

runner-888016_1280The most multi-dimensional cure in the world is regular exercise. Regular exercise keeps your heart, lungs, weight, vitals, and surprisingly, your psychological health in check. If you lead a busy lifestyle and cannot work out a time window for a gym schedule, walk where riding can be avoided. There are many health benefits of walking. Walks are not only good for keeping your blood pressure in check; walks are also one of the best stress relievers in the world.

6) Sleep is for the living, not the weak

The popular movie line; sleep is for the weak, doesn’t apply in real-life. Sleep is the most vital component of them all. Include sufficient sleeping hours in your schedule to ensure the balance for all your vitals!

So stay away from things that bring your immune system down and ensure a healthy life for yourself!

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Source: Nourish the Planet

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