In college, you not only get educated but also learn how to live on your own. It is at this point that many people are living on their own and are also in charge of taking care of everything in their lives. It is difficult but necessary to live on a tight budget on campus, as being on campus is costly, even when the tuition fee is paid. Students need to cut unnecessary expenses and live frugally to ensure excellent learning and a comfortable life in school. Here are some tips on living frugally in college.

Choose a cost-effective transport means

If you’re commuting daily to campus, try an affordable transit system. The cost of fuel and parking keep rising often and can be expensive. Use public means to save money. If possible, you can choose to use a bike or walk if it’s a reasonable distance. Not only will you save loads of cash but walking and bike riding are also great ways to exercise. Another easy way to save money is to purchase seasonal tickets instead of individual tickets.

bedroomShare room with a friend

This might not be the best idea for those who love their privacy, but it will definitely save you money. A roommate would help split every cost in half. Imagine how much you can save in a month. Choose cheaper housing if you’re an on-campus student. A frugal person spends towards value and should not have a problem spending up to get quality. Although you are encouraged to move to a cheaper house, ensure that you are safe and able to still live comfortably.

Avoid take-out

How many times do you opt for fast food instead of cooking? Food is becoming expensive today, which makes it important to find ways of spending less on quality food. Spend too much in restaurants? Have you ever considered preparing your own meal in your house to reduce the amount you spend on meals? Also, you can consider packing lunch if you are an off-campus student to get tasty food and avoid any waste. For advice on food storage and gardening, visit Preparedness Mama.

Learn how to save

Make it a habit to save and learn about investing. You can get a part-time job in college and get ways to invest any extra cash you may have You may hate it and find it stupid, but it will help set you free at some point. The earlier you start, the more money you’ll make. Major in whatever you desire, but read books on investing and personal finance during your free time.

Pick less expensive joints

Campuses have several low-cost activities one can benefit from such as the availability of pools, gymnastic equipment, and aerobics offered for free. Use these facilities to the maximum, because not only are they usually free, but you will also get to socialize. Rather than spending too much in costly restaurants, you can have your friends over for dinner where everyone can bring some food. Avoid alcohol if you can; partying and drinking can be very expensive and prevent you from living a frugal lifestyle.

Budget for everything purchased

Make realistic budgets on what is affordable. Ever heard of shopping lists? This is exactly what you should do when going shopping. Having a shopping list allows you to live within your means and to avoid impulse buying.

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