For working class individuals, one of the greatest dilemmas is managing time. Whether you’re a corporate cocoon or a tireless farmer; a house wife or a school teacher; day-to-day time management is a crucial element in leading a smooth, balanced life. Here are some ways to overcome your inability to achieve targets and scheduling a physically possible time table:

1) Prioritize

While making a daily schedule, allocate tasks in terms of priority, not difficulty or your own leisure. After your work hours, your home assignments should be prioritized and fit in your schedule on the prime hours. Set your family/social life in your leisure hours, put in a sufficient amount of sleeping hours (if you don’t sleep well enough, this whole system fails) and set your targets in accordance to their time limitations for the day.

2) “Leisure” is not defined as “Killing Time”

Learn that difference. Social media, phone conversations, social interactions or the one million other ways to kill time, will only kill your schedule. Minimize those indulgences if you have a constrained time table. There isn’t a greater satisfaction in the world than a timely completed task. Intentionally killing time will get in the way of that. Create a fine line between your necessary and unnecessary activities, and mind that distinction!

3) Reminders

In the old days, people who cared about their schedules carried around Daily Agenda Diaries and Notepads. Thanks to the handy gadgets of the 21st century, we now have cell phones with comprehensive “Reminder” features. Set reminders and alarms for your day, according to their time limits. Is it 6 PM already? You better get started on that report! Thank you, cellphone!


4) Contrary to #2, don’t let it get to you!

You’re supposed to control your schedule, not the other way round. Cut loose when you have a gap. As mentioned earlier, put in an adequate amount of sleeping hours that is essential for following a schedule in full force. Reward yourself with a little rest after finishing a scheduled task, too.

5) Always plan ahead for contingencies

Something important came up. You bumped into an old friend. You had to go somewhere. Plan that ‘Had to’ in your schedule. Always leave room for unforeseen events that could get in the way of your carefully planned day. Leave open spaces for those happenings and also plan how to utilize them under normal circumstances.

6) Multitasking

Save time with the easier tasks. Make that phone call while you’re waiting on your coffee. Download those files while you’re working on your report. Multitasking not only eases your schedule, it also instills a sense of control and confidence.

7) You’re Human

waiting-410328_1280While making a schedule, ask yourself: Is this physically possible? Set your priorities, assess your strength and capability in all honesty, and cut yourself slack. You cannot fit tomorrow into today, and you cannot cut work into necessary leisure. Maintain a balance.

Learn from your mistakes and the reasons of lagging from the past day. Improvise in a way that is seemingly possible and lets you sleep at night with the satisfaction that you accomplished a successful day.

Most people are stressed out not because they are overwhelmed with the amount of tasks they need to do, but because they are unable to manage time and set priorities. We hope this article will help you to manage your life and create balance.

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Source:  Balanced Life Team

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