Are you tired of being tired all the time?

Has it become a hurdle in your daily chores and work, the fact that your body just doesn’t get going?

We bring you 6 amazing tips to instantly boost your energy and get rid of that feeling that makes you want to go to sleep at midday!

I mean it, these things work, and you need to read on!

1) Yawn!

lion-824901_1280It’s a proven fact: yawns give you the boost by an excess intake of oxygen, revitalizing your whole metabolism and making you feel fresh again!

2) Get up:

Walking is the best solution to your dilemma. Taking a walk when you’re feeling sleepy and tired will take your tiredness away by increasing your blood flow; a brief walk will get you up and running for an extra few hours, just when you thought you couldn’t keep your eyes open anymore!

3) Vine please!

Vine, as in the new official term for a funny clip. Yes, that works! A good laugh, an informative little documentary, (preferably the prior) will get you awake and more interested in your on-going task. Open up a streaming site and give yourself a break!

4) Coffee, anyone?

Caffeine is the best stimulant known to mankind (apart from heat, but we’ll get back to that later). If you think you can’t get through the day anymore, make yourself a cup of coffee!

A little warning, though.  Caffeine can be addicting, expensive and worst of all it stops being effective if you start to rely on it.  I like to use it only when I really know I need to stay more alert.  That way I always get just the result I want, and I do not suffer any of the negative results.

Also, a $10 per day habit is not good – right?hot-623553_1280

5) Tea-reat yourself:

There’s nothing more inviting and subsequently refreshing than a cup full of hot, strong tea. A finely brewed cup can put the shine back to your bleary, tired eyes and make you feel much warmer towards life in general. Brew yourself a cup, and don’t forget to share!

Just like coffee, the main energy boost in tea is caffeine, so be careful about your habits.  However, tea also has many other great things in it, and the caffeine level is much lower, so it may not be as addictive.

6) Use The Sun:

If it’s the air-conditioning in your workplace that’s making you all fuzzy, take a small walk in the sun outside. As it was mentioned earlier, heat is the strongest stimulant in the world. It’ll open your eyes and clear your focus, improving your performance by leaps and bounds.

7) Stretch:


Stretching can prove extremely relaxing and stimulating at the same time. Stretching can remove all the kinks in your joints with a swift motion and leave you with a relieved and fresh feeling!

8) Eat Nutritiously:

Studies show that omega-3 fatty acids improve mood and brain function, which are extremely essential for avoiding a midday sleep-crisis!

The bottom line is, when you feel a slump coming on, grab a healthy bite! Studies also show that, to avoid a slow day, a healthy breakfast is the best remedy. To get all the vital nutrition in your body at the start of your day is the best way to ensure an active day!

All of us go through the dilemma of laziness through our days; the important thing is how much we let it get to us! Follow these simple tips and avoid dozing off in the middle of something important!

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Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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