Board of Directors


Scott Fardulis

CEO & Chairman

Mr. Fardulis was a previous IOE Board member for many years and has come back aboard to lead the organization and direct its activities. His effectiveness in leadership has been recognized in prominent affiliations with Our Children … Read More


Dr. Wayne Dorband

CEO & Chairman, Dorband & Associates

Dr. Dorband has a 30-plus year career as an environmental entrepreneur. He was a pioneer in environmental consulting, founded ATC Environmental and took it public in the mid 1980’s. He is also a co-founder of Cherokee Investment and … Read More

Linda Gray

Linda Gray

Actress, Director & UN Ambassador

Linda Gray is an award winning actress, an accomplished director, a United Nations Ambassador and one of the world’s most recognized and admired stars. Her award winning portrayal of ‘Sue Ellen’, in the TV series “Dallas”, brought … Read More

Gerry Weaver

Gerry Weaver

Co-Founder, Honorary Board Member

Gerry, widow of Dennis Weaver, now is retired but acts as an honorary member of the Board. In 1983, Gerry and Dennis co-founded Love Is Feeding Everyone (L.I.F.E.). Once providing supplemental food to 400 people each week, L.I.F.E. … Read More

stewart Licheter

Stuart Lichter

CEO & President, Industrial Realty Group

Mr. Lichter and his companies are one of the largest owners of previously distressed industrial properties throughout the United States. They have purchased, planned and redeveloped these properties into successful mixed uses. Mr. Lichter … Read More