We use technology in every part of our lives these days, including in business operations. Businesses rely on IT solutions to simplify complicated tasks and improve overall efficiency. The latest trend in IT implementation is switching to greener technologies to make businesses friendlier to the environment.

There are a lot of ways you can lower your carbon footprint and use green technology to support your business operations. Here are several actionable tips for greener IT implementation that you can use right away.

Greener Cloud

Data centers and cloud computing services are now supported by clean energy. This is a good thing for businesses because this means they can rely on the resources offered by cloud computing without raising their carbon footprints.

Green cloud servers are also more affordable than conventional server infrastructures. The technologies around modern data centers have enabled IT companies to provide their services without harming the environment, thanks to efficient solar panels and improved batteries.

Reduce Paper Consumption

emailAnother simple tip you can use right away is reusing paper when printing unimportant documents. Don’t just print on one side. Reuse old paper to print drafts and other unimportant documents to further reduce your paper consumption.

This tip isn’t just beneficial for the environment. The amount of money you can save by reusing paper is actually substantial. You can take it a step further and limit the kind of documents you print; emails, for example, can simply be forwarded instead of printed.

Green Backup Routine

The Energy Star energy rating is a good started to refer to when choosing new technologies to purchase, including the servers and hard drives you use for storing business information. According to studies by the information assurance program of Norwich University, switching to cloud backup alone will reduce energy consumption by as much as 20%.

Similar to reusing paper, making the switch to a green backup routine, preferably one that relies on cloud technology instead of on-site, power-hungry servers, also helps you save money. The same study by online information assurance program suggests using smaller NAS solutions if the on-site backup is still needed.

Better Technology Disposal

Making your business friendlier to the environment isn’t all about saving energy. It is also about knowing how to dispose of the technologies you no longer use properly. Old computers, empty printer cartridges, unused spare parts, and even smartphones all contain metal and minerals that can be harmful to the environment.

Fortunately, technology recycling facilities and services are easier to find these days. Many service providers will handle the disposal of old technology for free. Some will even compensate you for the old technologies you recycle, allowing you to earn discounts on the new devices you have to buy.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, these tips are very actionable; they are tips that you can implement today. More importantly, they are tips that will produce results almost immediately. You can see the impacts of making your business friendlier to the planet as soon as you start taking the necessary steps and investing money, time, and energy into saving the environment.

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