In the simpler times with much slower communication and television/print media being the only loud mediums, people had to be substantially remarkable to achieve popularity. People gave their whole lives of hard work to reach out to the common people and were never acknowledged. Yet,  one-shot wonders were built up to be colossal in nature for their acts. Again, the flip side was, that due to lack of communications, most remarkable acts and people went unrewarded and died in anonymity.

Now as we are in the 21st century, the most powerful entity; the Social Media, the brain child of the Internet, has made it possible to achieve global celebrity status in a matter of clicks. One timely captured picture, one creative video (more commonly known as a Vine), can spread like wildfire over the social media and produce an Internet celebrity.  There are hundreds of examples of Internet celebrities that have been produced over the past decade by the power of the Social media.

From a  marketing perspective, this is a blissful turn of events.  Here are some steps to creating an Internet sensation and ensure that it makes a durable impact:

1) Choose an Act:

news-507782_1280What do you want to be known as? The person who made that hilarious Vine? Or the one who made that incredible speech about the political scenario? Or perhaps you want to market your business, and would like to start with a series of product tutorials. There are innumerable ways to create waves, ideas that could boost your business or ideology and spread it around. Even spreading around isn’t a hurdle anymore, with inter-app auto sharing features and suggestive pop ups, the wildfire isn’t a concern anymore.

2) Targeting an Audience:

Who do you want this celebrity to reach out to? Specify your fan base. If it’s a musician, target music forums, page. Post your music audio/video links around. If it’s a political candidate or an entrepreneur, choose your forums accordingly.  Targeting the right spots on the Web is the most essential element in creating a far-reaching and impact full celebrity.

Run The Extra Mile:

Public Awareness outside of the Internet is also essential. Event organizing, television and print media advertisement,  campaigns,  affiliations with establish entities and brands (brand endorsement), sponsoring social gatherings and events, hosting and other out-of-the-web conveyances that one can use, all lead up to a well-rooted and established celebrity status for the desired individual.

4) Web Presence:

Perhaps the most important and primary step is ensuring a powerful Web presence. Websites, fan pages,  tutorial videos, discussion forums, blogs, all forms of social media websites, backlinks spread all over the Internet and pop-up advertisements, all of these ensue a strong Web presence for an individual.


5) SEO:

Search Engine Optimization is another very powerful tool in this quest. Scrutinizing your content and putting in maximum generalized keywords that could be hit on popular search engines, which in turn could put your website or the individuals Web presence on the first page of the engine search results, is Search Engine Optimization.  This ensures a maximum public outreach.

So if popularity is what you seek, seek no more. Follow these steps, and reach out to the whole world. All Hail the 21st century!

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