The concept of social responsibility is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s business culture. In addition to business culture, the theme is resonating across the globe and is becoming a force to be reckoned with. As momentum continues to build, the whole concept of eco-conscious methodologies and social responsibility in how companies are running their businesses has led to innovation and new ways of thinking and doing commonplace things.

Simple everyday tasks that everyone takes part in such as driving a car, utilising mobile phones and technology or working in an office. There are now many ways to approach these tasks.

social networkLet’s take the concept of sharing rides, or carpooling as we used to refer to it.  Now knows as ridesharing it is not a concept that is by any means brand new.

There is evidence that suggests that in the United States, early renditions of what we know today as ridesharing began as early as the 1900’s, right after Ford introduced the Model-T as America’s very first car.

Spurred by the recession, people that owned cars began charging fares for seats or shared rides in their cars. This trend quickly spread across the entire United States and was referred to as street car or jitney fares.

A few decades late the concept became known as carpooling. Due to the gas shortages in the 1970’s across the United States, many people that lived near one another participated in carpools. Basically, shared rides to and from specific destinations-usually with no fare at all.

Fast forward to the present day and we are now using the word rideshare to define the concept of sharing rides, and carpooling. The biggest difference today is that ridesharing is now widely driven by technology, using smartphones, and of course through Rideshareapps.

The Sharing Trend

The trend in sharing is not only evident in the rideshare movement. There are now eco-friendly buildings being constructed in California that are for co-habitation. There are modern day fully equipped buildings that encourage shared living arrangements for people that want to live in a socially responsible manner.

Co-working spaces have seen a boom in popularity due to the whole concept of shared vision, collaboration and shared working and creative goals among companies and like-minded individuals that are passionate about an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Not to mention the ever-increasing number of work at home, freelance and remote working arrangements that have become possible because of advances in technology and the internet.

Companies no longer need to spend money and other resources renting out huge office spaces if a large portion of their workforce is remote. Shared working spaces where people can come together once a week for face to face meetings are much eco-friendlier and cost effective than having all employees commute into work every single day.

The whole concept of a shared economy, shared rides, and a shared environment is compelling forces behind the popularity of eco-conscious thought and social responsibility.

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