Work-life balance is defined as the status of your professional life, your domestic life, and the proportion in between. In the progressively charged, corporate-wheel atmosphere of the 21st century, the common man is being pushed to his verge. There is a general imbalance, poised overhead and it is gradually pushing the working class to various health, family and social problems. Following is a list of signs indicating that the wheel has gotten to you as well.

1) Evolved Insomnia, and everything that follows:

You work late and wake up early to join the rat race. It has affected your sleep cycle to an extent that you can’t sleep voluntarily. Sleep-induced comas or extreme exhaustion are your only solstice. You have dark circles, incoherence, short term memory issues, coordination imbalance and temper problems.  Studies indicate that 68% of the working class Americans experience sleep deprivation and most of the above-mentioned ailments at focal points of their careers.

2) Depression:

people-850097_1280Depression is everything that’s wrong with the world.  Failure to complete tasks or to achieve targets at work; missing deadlines or a stressful work environment; all of these lead to lack of confidence, introvert behavior, lack of social interest, and plain old depression. Depression has been termed as the most destructive psychological condition in the world!

3) Lack of Social Interactions:

Your social life is now a subconscious thing. It is a bundle of memories that you cherish from a simpler time. Nostalgia brings you down instead of uplifting you. You have lost all your routine friendships and you are now an outcast in your circle. This affects you most when you have leisure hours and your connections now have a substitute for you, so you are left alone.

4) General disinterest in conventional temptations:

You don’t like ice cream anymore. You’re not tempted to check out the new hang out place in your neighborhood.  You’re not fond of weekend getaways, social media debates, you don’t follow trends, you don’t go out, and you’re not even interested in the news or just plain gossip. You feel left out and miserable when people around you talk about current affairs because you’ve missed out on it a lot, so you don’t participate.

5) Low immunity:

sad-808309_1280Headaches, colds, fever, body aches and every other discomfort is a part of your day now. For reason #4; disinterest, you don’t get every little thing checked by a medical professional. Your immunities are low, and you catch everything that you cross paths with. high blood pressure, blood glucose (and not only in diabetics), uric acid imbalance, but low HB are also all the offsprings of overwork and a stressful routine.

There is one solution to put your work-life balance in a status- quo – Prioritize. Catching up on much-needed sleep, eating healthy and on-time, kicking back once a while and linking up with family and friends, and straightening out your relationships; all are necessary endeavors for you to have a healthy and balanced professional, domestic and social life.

Life finds its meaning only when you have a purpose, and when you are able to balance all aspects of your life. A balanced life starts with the knowledge that you are not alone and there is help out there. Let our experts at Balance Life Team help you find the much-needed balance in your life.

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Source: Balanced Life Team

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