That's Right we Really Said Blabs!

OK, Kick Up Your Feet and Get Involved!


This is Going to be Fun and There are Two Ways to Join:

You can either watch with our longtime platform using Webinar Jam or you can come on in through the new platform Blab.  Either way you can chat with us and other viewers or you can just “lurk”.  With Blab you can even come on in and chat with us Live at the event.  How cool is that.  Use one of the two ways below and we will see you soon!

Come on in With Webinar Jam:

OK, just Click here and you will be directed to Webinar Jam where you can register for the Webinar/Blab.  You will get reminders about when we will be live and you will also be able to watch the replay if you cannot attend live.

Again just Click Here for the link to Webinar Jam to watch the next live Webinar/Blab.

Come on in Using Blab:

Right below you will see a countdown timer for our next live Blab or below it a link to where you can actually subscribe for the Blab so you will get notifications about when it will be starting. Or, if you come right when it will be starting or while it is ongoing you will actually be able to just click and login while it is ongoing. Come on in and hang with us!

OK, if the Blab is not live right now you can Click Here and be directed to our Blab homepage where you will see a place to click and be able to subscribe for the Blab.  We highly recommend you use this very cool new platform.  You will be glad you did.

Again, just Click Here to go to the Blab page to register.  Oh yah, there are a bunch of replays you can watch also. If you missed the live Blab it will be here on the page.  You can also go to our Replay page to see an edited version of our webinar.

Please give us some thought and feedback about our live and replay broadcasts.  You can comment or even call our office.  There are places to do either of these things here on the page.  We really do want your thoughts and advice!

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