To get a competitive edge in the market, you must have a strong SEO strategy for your website. However, if you are not careful, you could make these mistakes and harm your site’s SEO.

With many of the Google’s updates, SEO is changing rapidly and it can be a daunting task to stay up to date with all these changes. SEO is a vital part of online marketing strategy. We talked about increasing your site traffic though on page and off page optimization. This article will talk about 5 common mistakes people make in their SEO campaign while setting up a website and how to avoid them.

1. Not enough keyword researchmagnifying-glass-76520_1280

To rank well on search engines’ search result pages, you must know which keywords are most sought after and also relevant to your business. Your site titles and Meta descriptions must contain those keywords based on your research. Keyword Research Can Improve Your SEO.  if you do not research on keywords and posting web contents and product descriptions based on whatever you feel like and not based on research, you could be missing out on search traffic, and search engine search result rank.

2. Keyword stuffing

Your website copy is very important in the SEO world today. You should carefully write your copy, especially paying attention to the keyword density. Sometimes, I have seen sites that stuff keywords, which means they put in as many keywords as they can without trying to make a sentence with it. For example consider a sentence is like this: “best shampoo, best hair care product, natural shampoo, organic shampoo” it doesn’t make sense, because it’s just a bunch of keywords. Try to create a sentence with your keywords. Also remember that your content should have less than 5% of the keywords and should look natural to a reader.

3. Hidden text

Every text on your website must be visible and legible. Hiding texts or links will count as negative points for your website by search engines. If you have text that are too small to read or blend in with the background, you will not rank high. Sometimes a website will use a lot of hidden keywords, trying to fool the search engine crawlers. But with the latest updates, most of your black hat tactics will be caught and punished by search engines.

4. Developing sites that can’t be indexedoffice-625893_1280

Google and all other major search engines follow a special recipe for showing search results on their search engines’ results pages. The listings are pulled directly from their massive indexes of web pages and analyzed. Your site must be indexed by the search engine crawlers and robots. All your site contents, JavaScript, Meta information, flash, videos and images must be optimized for the search engine crawlers.

5. Failing to update your site regularly

Your site must be up to date in design, features and the information it presents. Outdated sites will reduce your site’s value, audience engagement and ranking on Google. Adding new content to your site reaches out to more people, adds new keywords and potentially encourages engagement and more search-generated traffic.

“New postings also can help your site get ranked for search queries that fall under Google’s recent freshness update.” – AJ Kumar | 5 Common SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them| Entrepreneur Magazine

Hope you will benefit from these tips and implement them in your own SEO campaign. We will be giving you more tips on our blogs regularly, so please visit our blogs often.

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Source: Balanced Life team

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