Have you ever asked yourself what you could do to help the economy? Although government policies, banks, and businesses, all influence the economy and our living standards, each one of us can contribute to the growth of the economy of our country.

Policies designed by government and world leaders are targeted to improve our living conditions. However, it’s each of our responsibilities to comply with government policy and help improve global economic conditions.  What can we do to help? Below are five recommendations that all of us can follow.

1. Pay your taxes on time

calculator-313859_1280In order for our country to progress we need an efficient tax collection and management process. Without taxes our government, or any other government in any country, would not have money to invest in infrastructures or social structures.  All of the municipal services we enjoy are funded by our tax money. This includes benefits from better roads, hospitals, public transportation, law enforcement officers, fire department, public schools and so on. So, if you want better service, you need to ensure that you pay all your taxes on time.

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2. Get educated

teacher-158711_1280We cannot stress enough about the value of education in global economic development. Only through education we can truly understand what sustainable economic development means for us. With the growth of technology, there is a great need today to find ways to reduce impacts on the globe, reduce our carbon footprint, and increase environmental awareness. There is a correlation between education, income level, and economic health in any country. When more people become educated about important aspects of economy, such as agriculture and the environment, the economy is bound to progress.

3. Use only locally produced goods

Buying locally grown goods and services benefits the local economy and also helps the economy to grow. When you buy locally, the money stays in your area and helps improve conditions in your area, by creating jobs, reducing waste and reducing environmental impacts. A lot of money is wasted in fuel costs when transporting, storing, and for processing and packaging agricultural goods.

4. Save energy

A dollar saved is a dollar earned. Think of ways you can save energy. There are really simple ways you could cut down on energy consumption and reduce your energy bills. It not only saves you money but also benefits the environment by reducing carbon emissions and detrimental energy producing practices. It could be as simple as using public transportation whenever possible, when going to work, turning off light and heat when you leave your house, and using as little resources as you possibly can. There are also plenty of opportunities in the renewable energy industry. Also, more work needs to be done to improve our transit systems, modernize our national electrical grids, and improve our sources for alternate renewable energy.

5. Increase employment

career-432573_1280Increasing the number of jobs available for the growing population is a sure way to improve GDP of a country. More people like you need to enter the market with new ideas, products and services and offer jobs to people. For economy to grow, it needs proper circulation of money, increase in production of goods and services, and proper distribution of wealth throughout the country; all of which can be achieved if more people open up new businesses.

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Source: Institute of Ecolonomics

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