It’s not always easy to be green, but that’s no excuse not to try or change your ways. It’s especially important for businesses to get involved with environmental issues because of their complex operations and how many people they employ and reach on a daily basis.

Ignoring this important issue is doing a disservice to everyone. It’s better to be informed and take what action you’re able to than to act like it doesn’t relate to you and to hope it goes away. You’d be surprised at how many simple ways there are for your company to be green and make a difference. People are counting on you to help create a better world for us all.

Educate Employees

The reason people at your company may not be doing much to be green is that they’re uninformed. All it takes is a little education and knowledge to start them making positive changes in your business. It’s also a good idea to form a committee who’s in charge and meeting regularly to come up with company initiatives that everyone can work towards. It will keep the ball rolling, even when people get busy.

Use Less Paper

Cut back on paper use by taking notes electronically and saving and sharing files online. Get your employee’s comfortable working in the Cloud, and within software that holds the data for you, so there’s no reason to print. Make sure that if employees are printing, they’re using black and white ink and the double-sided option. It’ll be an adjustment for those who enjoy using paper for notes and completing tasks but remind them of how the switch is helping the environment, and they may be more willing to try.

Purchase Green Equipment

There are all sizes and types of companies out there who use a wide variety of equipment to run their business. For example, be sure you’re using a proven eco-friendly mining method and equipment if you’re gold mining dredges. It’s your responsibility to have policies and procedures in place that only allow for specific equipment to be used that doesn’t damage the environment. These are decisions that have a major impact and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Allow Working from Home

Although cycling to work saves the environment, so does working from home. Both options allow for fewer cars to be on the road and contribute less to pollution in the air. Come up with a policy that grants your employees the ability to work remotely when they desire. Encourage everyone in the company to carpool and cycle or walk when possible. Think of the impact this change will make if companies all over the world are doing it. As part of the leadership team set a good example by creating a “cycle to work” day or carpooling with your coworkers.

Remember that running a business is about more than hitting your numbers. It’s also about the people who work for you and the environment. Use these suggestions to start bringing change to your company today.

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