Most companies today are marketing their products emphasizing the benefits of the environment. The green economy is growing, and so, you must be aware of the fastest growing green jobs that are on the rise.

The environmental industry has been a rising field for the past few decades. There has also been an increased number of eco-preneurs investing and entering the green business. As people and businesses in general are becoming more aware of the global environmental impacts, there is a greater value being placed on “going green.” Therefore, more companies are converting into green businesses and more green jobs are being created. Below are 5 of the fastest growing green jobs in the United States.

1. Urban farmers

solar-cells-491703_1280Urban farmers are becoming more popular as restaurants and many households prefer farm fresh food grown locally in an urban farms. Farms on rooftops, indoors, or vertical tower farms are gaining popularity because sustainable farming can be done in small spaces, using organic methods, instead of using large farm lands and machinery that burn fossil fuels.

2. Renewable energy technicians

Technicians are needed around the United States for installing and designing sustainable energy sources. As business become greener, they are constantly trying to find ways to become more energy efficient, and cut down energy waste. Using solar panels and wind turbines for generating energy is becoming increasingly popular, and so, more technicians are needed in the renewable energy industry.

3. Conservation biologists

Conservation biologists are dedicated to preserving the bio-diversity and ecosystem around the world. They are concerned about sustainability of natural resources like land, air, water, and wildlife.

“The urgent quest to preserve the integrity of ecosystems around the world — and to quantify the value of — ecosystems services — leads to opportunities in teaching, research and fieldwork for government, nonprofits, and private companies.” – Business + Innovation

4. Water quality technicians

spill-cleanup-oilspill-11848486-o-300x240Water quality technicians could become key professionals in the environmental industry by keeping vast bodies of water free from contamination. They must come up with new technology to clean contaminated water and also find ways to ensure that industries do not pollute and contaminate the earth’s water resources in their course of operation.

5. Environmental professionals & scientists

Recently, there is a huge increase in demand for environmental professionals such as engineers and scientists in the environmental fields.  Environmental professional engineers are constantly researching and studying the environment to maintain the ecological balance of the environment. They are trying to apply the principles of science and technology on our living environment to make the quality of our lives better. It’s also one of the highest paying jobs available in the environmental fields.

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Source: Environmental Professionals Network

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