You need to get a new phone; at this point, it has become the topmost priority on your to-do list. However, you’re wondering what to do with your old phone; should you simply set it aside, dispose of it in the trash, or are there better ways to let go of that phone?

Yes! An environmentally friendly way of disposing of your phone is recycling it, and in this way, saving some animals that are already going into extinction. Do you know that each year, lots of gorillas are being killed because their habitats contain coltan, a metallic ore used in making most mobile phones?

By recycling e-waste e.g. recycling your phone, you help these animals live longer in their proper habitats and ensure that the ecosystem functions at are should. You might be wondering how just one singular action of yours can be that effective, but it indeed is. The average person changes their mobile phone once every year, or once every two years; thus, if 5 people recycle their phones within a span of 5 years, one gorilla can be saved!

Very few things are as beneficial to the environment in recent times as recycling, so by doing this, you place yourself within the league of admirable individuals, who are making the world a better place- not by going into space, or by diagnosing and treating ill people, or even by innovating super smart ideas- but by doing something which every single one of us can do- recycling e-waste. 

Courtesy: SwiftTechBuy

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