“Thin is in “ as the latest trend in electronics continues, the gadgets are getting thinner and thinner, which includes the packaging, imaging devices and the user interface of the devices as well. In this age of computers, one invention after another is revolutionizing the way people use computers today. As our computing needs change, the devices are also changing to meet our demands. The electronic companies are coming up with technologies that not only satisfy our needs but also take our imagination to new levels by opening up new doors.

launchparty-huawei-smartphones-7071311-hThe new era of super computers, smart electronic devices, and wearable gadgets, that need flexibility and new interfaces, are constantly being designed and changed according to the market demands. Some of these electronic devices were displayed at the IDTechex’s Printed Electronics Europe show in Berlin a few weeks ago. The new innovations presented at the exhibition were truly amazing

One of the most remarkable technologies displayed at the show, that also won the product development award, was a flexible image sensor from ISORG and Plastic Logic. You can find out more about this show from David Meyer’s report at gigaaom.com.

Graphene the next silicon

Scientists are talking about a new material called “graphene” that could revolutionize how electronic devices are made and how computing is done. Graphene is a simple carbon compound that comes from a single layer of graphite where carbon molecules are arranged in a hexagonal pattern. In a single layer, the carbon molecules tend to be stronger than diamond and they also appear to conduct electricity and heat better than any other material known today. For more information on how Graphene is made, please refer to the following link:

Latest in energy harvesting technology

Power from vibration

As the latest wearable electronic devices increase in demand, scientists are facing a new problem of providing power to the slim and light devices. Many new ideas for harvesting and storing energy for these small devices are now emerging, which are also being experimented with around the globe. Some of the devices today are designed to be powered by vibrations, body heat, or similar sources that are reusable. This is a clean source of energy, and it is also free, because there are no batteries needed. Devices that are using wireless transmission technology, such as the ones we use today, are powered by the mechanical energy produced just by turning the device on or off. Some wireless devices and remote controls do not need any batteries because they harness the power given to them and turn on when the button is pressed.

Power from fabrics

VoltaicThe latest in power harvesting technology is a fabric that generates power. A project called Powerweave has been working on designing a fabric that can produce and store energy from the sun. When you wear cloth made from this fabric, you could easily power your electronic devices that you wear or take with you. This self contained system of power generation could have far reaching applications in the future. The producers are talking about creating roofing materials, awnings, or covers for appliances with this fabric, that could generate enough energy to run the appliances or power the house (at least partially).

Power from movement

There are also fabrics being designed that can harvest and store energy from movement rather than light. There is also clothing being made that has electronic devices built into the fabric that are machine washable and do not need batteries for power. Mini solar cells are also being built into clothing that can recharge your mobile phones as you take a walk in the sun.

This is just the beginning of next generation devices that are slim, smart, and do not need to be plugged into an outlet to recharge. In the future, every mobile device will be able to gather power from our movements, the sun, or vibrations that we produce.

Source: Institute of Ecolonomics



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