I told you I was not going to be a derelict

I am going to be disciplined.  I will write something of value for you to read every day.  I will do it rain or shine, sickness or health, till death do us part.  You should do it too.  If you would like to write on our site here, let me know and we would love to help you.  If you have your own site, do it there.  Do it every day.  If it is 11:30 at night and you are tired and you just want to go to bed – write for 3 sentences then write down a brief schedule to write again (tomorrow).  Do it every day, even Sunday’s, and in 21 days it will become a habit.

You can do this with your diet also.  Every day eat something you know is sustainable and good for you.  Maybe it is an apple, some yogurt, a salad, and on and on.  You can do it.  You are so special and unique.


2 Comments On “I told you I was not going to be a derelict”

  1. Just finished reading Conversation with God, Book 2. I would like to get involved and contribute to the bigger picture. I think what you are doing need to know by the masses and with the shift taking place. God bless!

    Joey Lopez

  2. Please note first that I have the utmost respect for the IOE interest and staff. My observations are not meant to hurt anyones feelings or upset any applecarts. I would like to make clear as much as I can that Dennis Weaver is an Icon to me. I would like to contribute to solutions rather than cause any impediment to a solution.
    Peter LaVaute introduced me to Dennis. Dennis and I discussed what I was hoping to offer right after the drive to survive. I was unable to communicate to Dennis or Peter what I was trying to do. After the incubator was postponed due to Dennis’s health etc,. Russ Gerhke understood one aspect of the system, but the timing to go public was not right at the time anyway. Now it is. I would respectfully request that the IOE keep an open mind about a paridigm shiting technology that could bring a lot of attention to the IOE.
    Green for profit Business based on IOE’s efficiencies in teaching green business to become profitable from a non profit base, needs skill from the best in their fields. By exploring partnerships with experts in the field of everything from marketing to website management, will produce a new excitement for the IOE>. Looking forward to helping with implementing real solutions that would help stimulate business for all of us, while being friendly to our Mother Planet.
    Happy Earth Day for all of us;
    JD Lacy

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