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Though millions dennisrecognize Dennis Weaver for his roles in the long-running television series Gunsmoke and McCloud, the most important work of his life was not performed in front of a camera.

Since the early 1980’s, he dedicated himself to serving humanity and the environment. A passionate environmentalist, Weaver moved to Colorado in 1989 to construct his “Earthship.” This visionary, solar-powered home, built primarily from recycled materials, is recognized worldwide as an inspirational model for sustainable living. The documentary “Dennis Weaver’s Earthship” aired on public television for years and is still available at

In 1993, Dennis and Gerry founded the non-profit Institute of Ecolonomics – a word Dennis coined to illustrate the marriage between our ecology and economy. His passion for ecolonomics continues to fuel the vision of the Institute.

“If we are to leave a planet that will sustain life for future generations, we have to have two things: a sustainable economy and a sustainable environment, and if we fail in achieving either we will suffer greatly.” Dennis Weaver.

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