The Institute of Ecolonomics (IOE) is a non-profit entity (501C3) whose mission is to demonstrate that creating a symbiotic relationship between a strong economy and a healthy ecology is the only formula for a sustainable future.


Dr. Wayne Dorband

Dr. Wayne Dorband

CEO & Chairman, Dorband & Associates, CEED

Dr. Dorband has a 40-plus year career as an environmental entrepreneur. He was a pioneer in environmental consulting, founded ATC Environmental and took it public in the mid 1980’s. He is also a co-founder of Cherokee Investment and International Risk Group, two of the largest acquirers and redevelopers of environmentally impaired real estate in the world. Most recently he has founded CEED (Center for Ecolonomic Excellence and Development), a Northern Colorado-based green consulting and technology group of companies and ecological business Park.

Linda Gray - Honorary Board Member

Linda Gray - Honorary Board Member

Actress, Director & UN Ambassador

Linda Gray is an award winning actress, an accomplished director, a United Nations Ambassador and one of the world’s most recognized and admired stars. Her award winning portrayal of ‘Sue Ellen’, in the TV series “Dallas”, brought her international fame and critical acclaim earning her an Emmy nomination for Best Actress; Germany’s Bambi Award; Italy’s II Gato for Best Actress on Television and was voted ‘Woman of the Year’ by the Hollywood Radio & Television Society.
Scott Fardulis

Scott Fardulis

Honorary Board Member

Mr. Fardulis was a previous IOE Board Member for many years and is still available to help the organization as needed. His effectiveness in leadership has been recognized in prominent affiliations with numerous organizations including his leadership role with Youngevity. With a gift for assembling cohesive teams, empowering and equipping all ranks of leaders, Mr. Fardulis has been instrumental in building and growing sustainable organizations.

Gerry Weaver - Passed On

Gerry Weaver - Passed On

Co-Founder, Honored Former Board Member

Gerry, widow of Dennis Weaver, now is deceased but is honored as a former member of the Board. In 1983, Gerry and Dennis co-founded Love Is Feeding Everyone (L.I.F.E.). Once providing supplemental food to 400 people each week, L.I.F.E. supported 200 agencies who collectively fed 180,000 hungry people a week in Los Angeles County. Her work with L.I.F.E. earned she and Dennis the 1986 Presidential End Hunger Award from Ronald Reagan.


The Institute of Ecolonomics, LLC (IOE) is committed to discovering and furthering the most sensible green innovations. Founded by the deceased actor, Dennis Weaver, in 1993, we work with ecopren
eurs that are striving to make the planet better.  Dennis used to say in his cowboy sort of way – “We’ve spent billions of dollars and thousands of years messin’ the planet up, now we need to show people how to make it better and make a little money too.”
Through applied research and a thorough vetting process, our objective is to cultivate as many validated businesses into the market as possible. Prior to receiving our endorsement, each endorsed entity will have received the Ecolonomic Seal of Approval. This Seal assists businesses and consumers with confidence, providing education and knowledge on the benefits of each technological advancement available.


Partner 1

Loving Everyone

Visit our Hope for the Hopeless site where we show how IOE is helping people around the world “teach people how to feed themselves”.

Partner 3

Partner 4

Each company endorsed by the Institute of Ecolonomics is considered a Partner. Some entities are new and informal, while others are seasoned, attempting to generate a broader awareness in the public. Often times, younger entities are seeking capital to assist with their start-up or infancy stage. The Institute of Ecolonomics works closely with various investors who provide consideration for those projects having received the Seal of Approval.
Our role is to independently inform the consumer of the reasons each company has received the Ecolonomic Seal of Approval, providing the outcome of our research and benefits offered. Typically, the results are staggering. At this point, we simply provide a link to our partners, the subject experts. Regardless, the Institute of Ecolonomics is heralded as the trusted source for promoting the major contributors who are bolstering our economy and simultaneously protecting our planet. Should you be aware of any organization or project that may be of interest to the Institute of Ecolonomics, please be sure to tell us about them.

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