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starving_childrenWe have completed many exciting projects that are demonstrating the economic viability of various sustainable farming and food production enterprises for communities, and we are always working on others that may be of some interest. Here are a few of the things we are currently working on:

1. A community scale marine (saltwater) shrimp production facility that will be produced 700-1000 pounds of large Pacific White Shrimp for the Northern Colorado market on a weekly basis beginning in February, 2011. We operated this system successfully for over three years to demonstrate its viability. This system was designed to be duplicated in community markets around the world. This project was  conducted in partnership with Oceans Bounty Partners, LLC and WorldWide Aquaculture, LLC. We are currently working with other similar projects around the world.

2. A community scale aquaponics system that produced veggies and fish for consumption in the Northern Colorado region. We used a 30,000 square foot greenhouse facility to produce lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, and many other edible plants that are available on a year around basis. The system  also produced a variety of fish species that were available directly for consumption, and were used by us in our other aquatic research and development projects. Again, this project was DCIM100SPORTconducted to show commercial scale viability of what we now call hybrid aquaponics (animal production in association with plant production).  We operated this system from 2010 through 2014 and successfully demonstrated its viability.  We are now scaling this technology around the world. This project was developed in a partnership with Dorband & Associates and WorldWide Aquaculture.

3. A unique sustainable indoor hydroponic microgreens/fodder system that is producing high quality livestock feed for consumption in Northern Colorado (“Feed in a Box”), but is more importantly was developed to be able to be constructed for community scale livestock feed production. We are consistently producing over 1000 pounds per day of livestock feed with this system. This project has been developed in partnership with Mountain Sky Alpacas and Mountain Sky Ranch.

4. Operation of a profitable and sustainable (by many different measures) small acreage Farm/Ranch in Northern Colorado. We are currently operating Mountain Sky Ranch as a successful model of an Access and Collaborative Economy (ACE) venture with over 10 ongoing profit centers on a 45 acre campus.  These include – a market farm (Raisin Roots Farm), a natural pasture raised egg production facility (Saras Pick of the Coop), a sustainable sandstone quarry, a dog training location, a natural fiber production business, the Best Red Meat in the World production business, an elite alpaca breeding ranch, a sustainable aquaculture facility, a recreational fishing facility, an agri-tourism destination, a recreational fishing facility, and agri-education facility, and more….

Check with us regularly to learn more about these projects and others on which we will be working. If you would like to come and visit we are open seven days a week and we schedule tours and visits by calling 303-495-3705, or by connecting with us by email or through our contact page here on this site.


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