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Dear IOE Friends and Supporters,


Many of you have been following our developments over the past couple of years and know we have been knee-deep in some very exciting projects you can read about on our website. What I’m about to share is so thrilling; it’s actually causing me to lose sleep.

Hunger is one of the greatest pandemics our planet has ever known. It is easy to take for granted the privilege of sleeping in a warm bed and eating nutritious meals. The truth is, however, more people go to bed hungry than those who are well nourished. Here in the United States, many people are poorly nourished and suffer from obesity, food allergies, and other food related diseases.

Our founder Dennis Weaver was very aware of world hunger and chose to create L.I.F.E. (Love Is Feeding Everyone), a non-profit dedicated to feeding the homeless and hungry on the streets of Los Angeles. This endeavor grew to over 40,000 meals per week and captured the hearts of countless volunteers, including legendary actress, Linda Gray. In addition to serving as a board member to IOE, Linda is a former United Nations Ambassador and maintains a passion for ending world hunger.

green-issues-featuredThe Institute of Ecolonomics is proud to partner with Dorband & Associates, to form Nourish the Planet, L3C creating further awareness for this vitally important cause. Our goal is to empower 1,000,000 ecopreneurs by 2016 to teach the world to feed itself. Will you join Linda Gray and the entire board of directors at IOE to support these precious children? There is no need for them to sleep hungry tonight with your support. Our objective is simple, and we need to spread the word to millions of people around the world to assist us with the goal, that no child goes to bed hungry. We want to “teach people to fish rather than giving them a fish”


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