Weather changes nearly always bring with them a bout of cold and flu, that result in headaches, nausea, fever – all sorts of discomfort! To avoid getting these ailments, here are some useful tips that will serve you for your life ahead:

1) Avoiding Temperature Variation

When the cold weather is getting in, try to avoid sudden temperature changes like visiting a hilly area, going for a cold swim, taking a shower immediately after exercise,  entering a cool zone after warm ups, etc. This “sudden cooling down” lowers your defense against the cold bacteria and you can catch a cold in no time. Avoid that!

2) Lots of Fluids

It’s a universal fact: Lots of Fluid defend against flu.  Keeping yourself hydrated will boost up your immunity and defend against these discomforts. Water up!

3) Avoiding Cold Intake

cold-15715_1280Stop putting your drinks in the fridge now. Go easy on the ice cubes, unnecessary ice cream, cold edibles and anything else that could give you a sore throat or a direct flu.

4) Loads of Honey

Honey, the sweetest nectar known to man-kind, is not only the best cure for cold and flu; it is also the best prevention!

5) Diet

Change your diet, gradually.  Cut down on cold fruits, start eating your food warm and include a lot of immune boosting foods such as soups in your diet. Also increase proteins; eggs, meat etc. Prepare for the winter as it comes to you.

6) Luke Warm Baths

A very lesser discussed but equally crucial point, slowly turn your baths/showers lukewarm. You must be under comfortable water, but not too scalding. It’s comforting and preventive.

7) Changing Exercise Routine

One of the many things that we usually don’t change with the changing season is our work out plan. In an exhaustive work out session, our body and muscles are pushed to a much higher temperature and threshold. Too strenuous a workout in the changing season can lead to serious muscular pains resulting from temperature variations.

8) Warm beverages

hot-623553_1280Switch everything gradually to warmth. Lay low on the cold drinks, and include tea or coffee in your routine. Herbal teas are a cure for many skin problems, act as stimulants, work to fend off innumerable diseases, and they also keep you warm! Herbal teas are the solution to all your problems!

9) Don’t take it lightly

Most importantly, never take it lightly.  Don’t follow the line “it’s not that cold yet”. Even if it’s not too cold, wear that extra layer of clothing. Have a cup of tea or coffee.  Avoid drinking that icy water or soft drink.

Prevention is and has always been better than cure. Avoid cold and flu of the changing weather, so that you can enjoy the best season of them all in your prime!

Hope these tips will help you stay away from seasonal cold and flu in the upcoming cold season. We’ll be back with more health tips, so please visit our blogs regularly.

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Source: Nourish the Planet

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