Are you broke? Don’t worry! There are many eco-friendly businesses you can start right now with little or no capital. 

You may be one of those ecopreneurs who are driven by great ideas but put them on hold due to lack of capital. However, you don’t really need a lot of money to start your own Eco Friendly business, really! We mean it! There are several businesses that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and profitable.

5 Businesses You Can Start Right Now Without a lot of Money

Being an ecopreneur means to maximize benefits, using minimum resources. All you need is a great idea and your willingness to make it work.

Starting a business doesn’t always need a large startup cost. We will talk about 5 businesses that don’t require a big startup capital and may be just what you’re looking for!


1. Eco-friendly Cleaning Business:

vacuum cleaner Starting a cleaning business does not require a whole lot of capital or equipment, but it does require a lot of time, effort and physical endurance. You can easily operate from home and use the equipment you already own. The best part is you can use all natural eco-friendly products for cleaning! Start from your friends and family first, go around your neighborhood and ask to clean their homes or offices. If you can collaborate with offices and become a fixed cleaner for them, it would really get your business off the ground.


2. Landscaping Business:

If you like mowing lawns, planting trees and caring for gardens, this business is for you. Start small and use the lawnmower and hand tools you already own. Once you become confident with this business, you will be able to expand and go after bigger projects. If needed, hire a landscaping company for difficult jobs. Also, you may be able to rent digging and excavating equipment for bigger jobs.


3. Recycling Business:

garage sale Many construction sites have leftover materials that they throw away. You can easily collect these materials and recycle them for cash. Some of the materials like scrap aluminum, copper, steel, or other expensive metals sell for good price. All you need is a truck for collecting and hauling these leftover materials from construction sites to the recycling centers. If you need help, ask your friends to help you load and unload your truck.


4.  Rebuild and Resell:

Average American households throw away tons of garbage that can be worth a fortune. People may even pay you to take their garbage away. You can collect old furniture, bicycle, electronics, and appliances from households, landfills, garage sells, or even from dumpsters! If you know where to look and how to rebuild these items, you may be able to rebuild and resell them for a profit. It allows you to reuse old materials and make money from them, how cool is that?


5. Become a Pro Energy Consultant:

constructionEvery year, we waste billions of dollars’ worth of energy in the United States. We burn fossil fuels to produce energy that adds to the global warming and pollution. However, business and households can easily save energy and money by becoming more energy efficient. If you can learn how to make homes and offices more energy efficient, and how to install solar panels, wind turbines and other renewable energy devices, you will be in great demand by businesses and homes.

Businesses are always looking for environmental consultants to integrate sustainability and energy efficiency. To become a pro energy consultant, you may need to go through some training or gather some knowledge.

“Pro Energy Consultants, created by Mark Canella, Kris Simonich and Derek Sola, is selling franchises across the U.S. for entrepreneurs to build their own businesses as energy auditors. To purchase a franchise, you need to go through a qualification process to meet the founders and start what will be a long-term partnership. Franchisees receive a territory, sign the agreement, go through training, pay the initial franchise fee and are ready to get started.” – 5 Green Businesses You Can Start at Home|



A great idea can change your life. You don’t always need a lot of money or equipment to start your own home based business. A green eco-friendly business idea can generate money while making the planet better.

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Source:  Environmental Professionals Network

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