While households around the globe are getting ready for a hike in energy bills, you can rest easy and transform your home into a more energy efficient structure.

To help get you started, here’s an infographic that shows over a dozen easy ways to conserve energy that could help you save a little over a thousand dollars. In other words, this infographic will help you save energy (and money) by showing you the differences between the many options for improving home energy efficiency.

The infographic includes energy-saving tips for different parts of the home and you will find useful insights for each one of them. You will find window treatment tips, energy-efficient roof selections, and wall insulation choices. There’s also information about energy efficient doors and stats about energy efficiency in the home.

But, before you scroll down to see how the leaks in your home cost you money and what to do to get a ‘greener’ home, there are a few things you should learn first. For starters, there are no limitations when it comes to installation as you can choose whether you want solar powered doors, windows, walls, or roofs.

The professionals at blinds-2go.co.uk firmly claim that, if you choose to go with an energy-star window, you could be saving up to 500 dollars a year and if you decide to go with a solar powered window, during the colder seasons, around 76% of sunlight will enter through its double panel windows to become heat.

What’s more, if you are an average homeowner and you install energy efficient windows, you can effortlessly reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 25%.

Energy efficiency is becoming very popular in the US, as up to 80% of residential homes and 50% of commercial structures use low heat emission glass.

You shouldn’t waste another minute before getting all the information you need below:

URL: https://www.blinds-2go.co.uk/33-energy-efficient-home-ideas  

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