Achieving and maintaining a work-life balance has become crucial today, especially at times when both are so demanding.

Your career is important, but being happy in life is even more important. You cannot achieve happiness unless you achieve a work-life balance. If your work-life is functioning, you are not only happier, but you are also more productive.

Here are 9 tips for achieving a work-life balance

1. Plan and Prioritize

You’ll find that when you have clear goals and prioritize your work, you will get so much more done. Organize your work, have a list of tasks to do and start with the most important ones. At the end of the day, if you have some tasks left unattended, you can move them to your next day’s priority list.

2. Follow Good Time Management Practices

Managing your time well could be the difference between having extra time for yourself and falling behind on your tasks. Take advantage of modern apps and resources to maximize time efficiency. Managing time means doing the right thing at the right time.  

3. Unplug

unplugWhen all work is done, be sure to turn off all your electronic devices and relax. In today’s world, modern technology has made working from anywhere more easy than ever before, and the work day never seems to end. Make sure to draw the line between work hours and time for yourself.

4. Better Yourself

Take a course, acquire new skills, and master what you need to know. When you are well trained and well prepared for your job, you’ll find that you are doing more quality work with ease and you are producing more in less time.  

5. Take a Break

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” – it’s a very old saying but it’s true. Don’t be so caught up in your work that you forget to take a quick break to refresh your mind. Not taking breaks can often cause more trouble and will end up costing you more time when you try to work with a clogged up brain.

6. Go on a Vacation

Once in awhile, you need a total break from your work-life. We are often stuck in the daily routine of our careers, which takes us away from our real purpose in life, which is to be happy. Vacations can refresh your perspective and help you see life from different angles. It also helps you to interact with the outside world.

7. Reward Yourself


Rewards are excellent motivation for you to put that extra effort into your work. Try to set a goal and when you reach that goal, reward yourself with a treat. It could be something as simple as a cup of coffee, but it will make your work much more enjoyable.

8. Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. So, workout and meditate regularly, and live a healthy life. Health is wealth, and you should practice healthy lifestyle at work and at home.

9. Love What You DoAdvertisement

Your career & success are major parts of your life, and so it doesn’t make sense being stuck with a career that you are making no progress in , or which you do not enjoy. Love the people, environment and tasks you do, and your journey through your career will become so much enjoyable.


Be positive and Passionate. Every cloud has a silver lining, and no matter how bad you feel right now, things will always get better. You may have made some mistakes or missed a few things here and there, but don’t let your failures pull you down in your career. Look on the positive side, learn from your mistakes, and move forward.

Remember that a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet are two major keys to a balanced life. Work out regularly, get enough sleep, and drink plenty of water. Also, avoid things like excessive alcohol or cigarettes, and keep a good circle of friends.

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Source: Balanced Life Team

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