Throughout history, ancient medicine practitioners have used fruits and vegetables for revitalizing and restoring the natural balance of body and mind.  

I believe that Mother Nature provides real gifts for us to restore our lost energy. When we are going through a challenging time, we can always find remedies from nature that are sure to make us feel recharged and brand new again.

Below are 10 foods listed that revitalize your body & mind!

1. Lemon

Lemon is one of the greatest gifts from nature; there is no doubt about it. Its antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties make it one of the best immune-boosting foods. Freshly squeezed lemon juice is packed with vitamin C, vitamin B, iron, calcium, and magnesium to restore your electrolyte balance and pH balance in the body.

Just the fragrance of fresh lemon is enough to lift your spirits up. It has been used for ages to detox the body, cleanse the liver and kidneys to restore the state of mind, and ease anxiety, as well.

2. Watermelon


Watermelon is another healthy superfood that has many ingredients to boost your immune systemboost health, and reduce stress. Watermelon is a rich source of phytonutrients, vitamins A, B, C, beta carotene, and antioxidants.

3. Coconut

Coconut water is another truly miraculous food you can find from Mother Nature. It’s a super-hydrating food, loaded with vitamins B, C, potassium, and electrolytes that rehydrate your body. B vitamins such as thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and B-6 help protect your nervous system, easing off depression, stress, and anxiety, while potassium keeps your blood pressure under control.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric is a powerful herb that has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal, properties. It has also been found to fight off diseases, infections, help with healing wounds, and prevent skin diseases.

4. Blueberries

Blueberries are among the top fruits containing antioxidants, bioflavonoids, and phytonutrients that rejuvenate the body and brain cells. Blueberries promote anti-aging and increase memory function.

5. Fish

fish dinner

Fatty fish like salmon, tuna, and sardines are excellent for boosting your overall health. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and muscle-building proteins. They help with heart health, memory, and help reduce stress and anxiety.

6. Eggs

Eggs are a good source of protein, vitamins, and calcium that help boost your immune system. B vitamins in eggs are vital for processing, memory, and stress support.

7. Ginger

Ginger is another wonder-herb that has many of the same powerful disease and infection-fighting abilities as turmeric. Taking ginger every day will also help with your digestion, brain function, and headache relief.

8. Almonds

Almonds can be regarded as nature’s multivitamin. They are packed with a wide variety of macronutrients and micronutrients. They’re great for boosting energy, brain function, muscle building, skin health, and diabetes, to name a few.

9. Kale


Vitamin C, healthy fats, B vitamins, and Iron in Kale make it a healthy superfood. It helps with many body functions, nerve functions, and body functions naturally.

10. Apples

Apples have been known as super immune-boosting foods for many years by nutritionists and dieticians.

Apples are loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, and an impressive array of micronutrients to boost your health. Apples help to reduce cholesterol, help with stomach aches, and improve your heart health. Acetylcholine found in apples is found to detox your brain and help you fight dementia!


A wide variety of healthy foods found in nature can really help you restore your health and vitality.

I hope you will include some of these foods in your daily diet and instantly benefit from them, as they are healthy, tasty, and easy to include in your daily diet.

Are you doing a great job already of eating a healthy diet and still don’t see the immune system boost you’re hoping for?

Don’t forget that there are some areas of the immune system which can’t be enhanced with diet but require supplementation. Your thymus gland secrets essential proteins until around the age of 40, after which time many people experience declining immune function. Everyone’s thymus gland declines this way, it’s just a fact of life, no matter how healthy a lifestyle you lead.

Don’t worry, though, thymus protein supplements are very successful in reversing this decline and as they are bioidentical to the ones your own body produces, they have no known side effects, indications, or drug interactions. Click here to read more about Thymus Protein Supplements.

Source: Alternative Health Concepts

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