As a college student, getting a part-time job and earning an income can be a difficult thing to prioritize. When you are bound by a schedule of classes and need to make time for assignments and to study. While most students tend to opt for shift work in a retail store or a restaurant. 

Statistics show that 80% of college students work a part-time job for around 19 hours a week to supplement their tuition fees and living expenses. Most of them are not particularly enthusiastic about working for below minimum wage in a restaurant or store. A great alternative to these jobs is, in fact, babysitting!

Here are ten reasons why babysitting is a great option to earn a part-time income as a student. 

1. Have a flexible schedule

Many college students struggle to find a part-time job that fits with their schedule and the required number of classes they need to take. Babysitting, however, is flexible and you can fit work times during breaks in your schedule. 

Unless you have a fixed shift with a particular family, you won’t need to worry about rushing from class to make it to your shift on time. Plus, if you have great time management skills, this is the perfect job for you.    

2. Get paid by the hour

Many students don’t realize this, but babysitting pays well. Many babysitters earn above minimum wage for their time. 

You also earn an hourly wage when babysitting, so if you need some extra cash one month, you can easily pick up a few extra shifts. Also, if you’re looking for a slightly higher wage, try finding babysitting gigs in the more affluent suburbs.

3. You don’t need any special qualifications

College students are usually more favorable as babysitters compared to high school students because they are more mature. You don’t need any special qualifications to babysit. Babysitting is generally more suited to girls, but that doesn’t mean guys can’t make the most of job opportunities if they have the time in their schedule. 

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4. You’ll pick up many new skills

Babysitting will teach you so many new skills, especially if it happens to be your first student job. It’s full of problem-solving situations and building relationships with the kids. You will constantly find yourself learning new things on the job. All of this can greatly benefit you in life going forward.

5. Gain experience working with children

Whether or not starting a family is on the cards for you, you’ll pick up new life skills while babysitting that could help you in the future when you decide to start your own family. If you are studying towards a degree in education, psychology, or something relating to children, then babysitting experience will help you to get your qualification and future full-time jobs in your chosen field. 

6. It’s a great way to network

Networking may be your last thought at the mention of babysitting as a job. However, it can be super beneficial, especially if the families you’re babysitting have jobs in your particular field of interest. Show off your skills by babysitting for them and they’ll be more inclined to recommend you when you’re looking for a job. 

7. There’s always a demand

No matter what, there is always a demand for babysitters. To an extent, you won’t need to sell yourself too much because there are so many families out there needing a babysitter at some point or another. Plus, couples are starting new families all the time. You’ll never be short on opportunities. 

8. Peak time is usually weekends and holidays

The great thing about babysitting is that peak times for demand are usually over the weekends and on holidays or during the summer. All times when you aren’t likely to have classes. Plus, you can always sneak in some reading or studying while the kids sleep and make the most of your limited time while you get paid. 

9. Build your resume

Whether or not your major involves children, babysitting experience looks great on a resume. This type of work shows future employers that you are responsible, dependable, and take the initiative. Plus, they know that you’ve taken the time while studying to learn some new life skills too. 

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10. Relive your childhood

If you enjoy nothing else about babysitting, you can’t help but enjoy the fact that you’ll get to relive your childhood a little while working. Enjoy the fun games you played as a kid and do things like visiting a water park, enjoying animated TV shows and movies, building pillow forts, going on kid-centered outings, and enjoying ice cream in the park, to name just a few. 


While you may have thought that babysitting was a job for high school students, as a college student, you can reap the benefits of taking it on as your part-time job. Besides the pay, experience, and skills that come with babysitting, you are likely to get other benefits while on the job, like food and outings with the kids. It’s a great way to work on a flexible schedule while making all-important connections that can serve you well in your future job hunting. 

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