Some of the food that you already have in your fridge can reduce the risk of cancer. We will talk about three cancer fighting plants that you could easily grow anywhere at home.

For thousands of years, ancient medicine practitioners and healers have looked to nature for cures for diseases. In the recent years, modern medicine has also recognized the significance of diet and herbal treatment options. From experience, we know that some of these herbs used in ancient medical practices do work. Below are 3 powerful plants with cancer fighting properties that you can grow yourself.

1. Blackberries

Berries are a powerful source of vitamin C and also contains high levels of antioxidants. They are easy to grow almost anywhere, in your backyard or indoors.  According to MD Anderson Cancer Center berries can protect your body from skin damage and therefore protect you against skin cancer.

How to grow blackberries

Black berries can be very easy to grow in your backyard garden or anywhere indoors in containers. They need full sunlight and natural soil. Once you plant them, you will get fruit year after year. It’s a very inexpensive way to grow your own cancer fighting food at home. Any type of berry can be beneficial for you, so you could plant several of them together. One black berry plant gives you on average three pounds of fruit per season.

2.  Avocados

According to a study published in the journal Cancer Research lipids found in avocado have been found to target the stem cells of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). So, avocados are not just tasty fruits with vitamin C and Omega – 3 fatty acids but they also contain ingredients to attack cancer cells.

How to grow avocados at home

Avocados can be easily grown using avocado seeds or pit. Carefully cut an avocado and remove the pit. Wash it and plant the seed in fertile, well-drained soil. Use a large container for container planting.

3. Broccoli

super food broccoliAll cruciferous veggies, such as cauliflower, cabbage, and kale contain cancer-fighting properties, says Broccoli is probably the most popular American vegetable that is full of nutrition, natural goodness, and also makes for a great dinner. A compound called sulforaphane found in broccoli boosts the body’s protective enzymes and flushes out cancer. Broccoli helps fight several types of cancer including skin, breast, bladder, prostate, liver, lung, and stomach.

How to grow broccoli

Broccoli is not only a tasty vegetable but it’s also easy to grow at home. Broccoli grows best in well drained and fertile soil. Add compost or organic fertilizers to your soil to make it fertile. Loosen up your soil and plant broccoli seeds. Water regularly and enjoy. Use containers for growing broccoli indoors.


Eating healthy food can reduce your risk of cancer. Eat more of these healthy cancer fighting foods and limit meat, fatty food, and junk food. You can benefit further by growing your own healthy cancer fighting foods at home. Think about all the money you would save from your health care cost and grocery bills.

Webinar with Dr. Jennifer Orlowski

Dr. Jennifer Orlowski, is a Naturopathic Doctor and a Certified Nutrition Specialist with focus in preventative care, management and restorative support of chronic illness usually through dietary changes.

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Source: Nourish the Planet

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