If you’re a marijuana fan, we’re happy to have you here. Traditionally, this herb was consumed through smoking, but now, there are thousands of methods to consume it. With the global popularity of around 1 billion people across the globe, this plant is having a major moment right now. Keep in mind; cannabis stands concrete with several proven health benefits, which is why people are using it for medicinal reasons more than recreational reasons today. So if you want to enjoy this herb without smoking weed, we will sift you through a few interesting options:

1. Tinctures

You must know, the CBD and THC tinctures are available in a vast array of sizes and strengths. Secondly, if you want to assume control over the quantity of CBD and THC in them, you can ask the bartender to change it. Secondly, tinctures give you the opportunity to spend little money on this herb. Especially when you want the compound to last for a long time, tinctures prove to be a great option. Today, you can buy cannabis tinctures from the web easily. However, before you decide to make your choice, sift through the customer reviews. Frequent use of tinctures can alleviate pain and treat muscle aches.

2. Topicals

If you’re struggling with skin issues, cannabis topical can be your best friend. When CBD masks were introduced by a Chinese woman five years back, the idea became a rage across the globe. Today, if you sift through a cannabis selling platform on the web, you will eventually come across lotions and topicals that are infused with this herb. Not to forget, around 700 million people globally suffer from acne and skin disorders, which means that they spend a lot of money on treatments. However, because this plant is cheap, its topicals are trending across the globe.

3. Edibles

The easiest and most convenient way of consuming cannabis is in the form of edibles. Traditionally, people only knew of smoking as the most coherent way of making the most out of this herb. For example, if you visit a bar in South Florida, you will be offered a marijuana-infused drink for less than $7. Today, cannabis is infused in food items, desserts, beverages, and snacks. Go through the famous strains before choosing your favorite one. Consuming marijuana in the form of edibles is the most popular method of consuming this herb.

4. Drugs

If you want to consume cannabis for medicinal reasons, you can consume it in the form of pills and capsules. However, depending on your health condition, it is best to check with a doctor. Especially if you have a family history of suffering from a particular health condition, it becomes imperative to go the extra mile in looking for a good quality cannabis strain. Today, people who are suffering from anxiety, depression, hallucinations, insomnia, and muscle pains, love to use this herb as a medicine.

So the next time you plan to consume cannabis in any form, don’t forget so sift through these options. 

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