EARTH IS DYEING!!!” Shout it out loud in the middle of a busy street and you will get mixed reactions. Some will stare at you; some will smile at each other; some will acknowledge you, and you might get a few thumbs up; but most will just leave, minding their own business. Everyone knows it, but hardly anyone takes it seriously.

Earth, with its beautiful milieu and kind nature, has always been at best for us humans. It’s the ideal place for life to thrive and flourish on. Trust me, if it was not the case, Hollywood would not have shown us that every bad guy out there in the galaxy wants a piece of earth. It’s a darn good place to be at, LOL!

On a serious note, Yes! Earth is the most favorable place for us humans but our desires and exploitation have seriously breached the laws of Nature, which have resulted in disturbance of the obscure balance – some so complex and interdependent, it puts us, humans, in grave danger over the long run!

Debates have been made on these topics and after a universal acknowledgment and consensus, economies are looking for solutions for the ever-growing environmental problems. The solutions are, however, simple but need commitment, intention, and initiative at the micro-level.  Each individual needs to alter their lifestyle in order to bring the much-needed balance to Mother Nature.

Some of the top global green issues

Some of the top global green issues are listed below which need some urgent attention.

Fresh Water

Drinkable and pure water is getting short in supply. Water is considered the most critical life source. But most of us are careless and seldom think about this precious resource. We flush and forget. Global reserves of drinkable water are as low as 1% and this shortage has already started affecting some strained regions. The solution to this problem is very simple but challenging. Individuals need to quit wasting water at all levels. Yes, even a single drop counts. For starters, turn off the water tap when not required. Start keeping a quoted reserve annually and try to contain your usage within that limit. There are many potential solutions if humans can contain themselves from wasting water.

Global Warming and Climate Change

smoke-637620_1280This is a rather controversial topic where the majority still ask, “Is this real?” It’s been a great concern for scientists for a long time and they are looking at the data and fact sheet which clearly show that the planet IS warming up! There is a gradual increase in Earth’s average atmospheric temperature. Melting of snow on polar ice caps is resulting in rising of sea levels at the rate of 3.22mm every year (source: NASA)

This is because of the increasing volume of CO2 and other gases, causing the greenhouse effect. The burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and other human exploitation done in the last 5 decades have considerably increased the earth’s temperature, i-e, from 1965 to 2015, the temperature rose at a rate of 3.2 degrees Fahrenheit per century. (source: Decoded Science) This resulted in the melting of the polar ice caps, ultimately raising the sea levels, increasing the severity of storms and other weather extremities.

The solution to these problems is to introduce technologies that are environmentally friendly. Some development has been done on this part but we still need much more for a better and sustainable future.

Natural Resources Diminution

This is again a major environmental issue we are facing today. Our natural resources are on the verge of depletion due to over-usage. Economies are fighting for it, which is creating havoc around the world. Everyone wants to have the maximum only for themselves and control the world. It’s a bitter truth that in quest of gaining more, we are losing most of it. The infrastructure for maintaining and installing these resources has been minimized in recent years; just to keep them out of the picture. Good thing though, as these top resources are depleting, people have started working on using alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, or geothermal energy. Yes, these steps may not become the ultimate solution for 6 billion people but positive developments are being made for a more hopeful future.


The overconsumption of resources is creating the alarming problem of waste disposal. The world is habituated to a throwaway lifestyle. Countries are producing an excessive amount of waste and are dumping it into the oceans or less populated areas. Even the marked hazardous nuclear waste is also being disposed of in a similar manner. This is giving birth to life-threatening conditions. The creation of plastic also plays a vital role in this global crisis. Waterways are choked with trash; food packaging and cheap electronic waste are also becoming a threat. You will be shocked to know how much waste is generated by the industrial world! All in all, the crisis of waste disposal is one of the top global green issues. Also, If you check your bathroom’s medicine cabinet, you’re sure to find some medicines that need proper medical disposal.

Fortunately, awareness is being generated among the masses. As it is a visible and immediate effecting issue, people are showing signs of changing their lifestyle in the context of adopting more cleanliness and using recycled goods. They are conscious about the cost of fast consumption and are making many simple changes to overcome this global issue.


forest-fire-62971_1280Forests bring in a crucial balance to Earth’s environment. There is a natural sink between carbon dioxide and fresh oxygen which is brought through forestry and greenery.  It also helps in regulating temperature and rainfall.  Forests cover 29% of the total land on earth at present but this percentage is decreasing every year because of deforestation. The population is growing, which indeed means more development on residential and commercial end. But clearing all the green cover and making land available for buildings and industries is not the answer. We need to get control of the overpopulation issue and find ways of accommodating people without killing the forests.

How much do you care about your planet? It’s the only planet known to humans till now which is capable of intelligent life form. So, why not take care of it? We are, in so many ways, grateful to Mother Nature for nurturing us and allowing our civilization to grow. Now it’s time we give something back.

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Source: Environmental Professionals Network

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