We should all try green investing. It’s a way to generate a steady residual income that can help you build a promising financial future. Why not invest in something that makes the planet greener?

There is a new emerging market for environmental and sustainable business. According to the data on GreenBiz, global companies invested 330 billion dollars in clean energy in the year 2014. Highly visible and prominent companies like Google, Apple, Ikea, and Wal-Mart are setting new examples in the green industry.  

Impact investing

With impact investing, it’s possible to reduce our negative impacts on the globe and generate positive returns on your investments. Impact investing can be made by investing into organizations, companies and funds that will improve social and environmental conditions. With impact investing, you don’t need to be a philanthropist to work towards improving the environment, but you can make money while you make the planet better.


5 Easy Green Investing Ideas

Green investing is not that difficult if you do your research and learn the trade. There are plenty of green businesses you can get into, without a lot of investment or risk, and still generate a good income. Below are 5 such businesses that you should consider getting into.


1.  Green Bonds

consultation  Purchasing green bonds could be the perfect entry point for new investors. The number of investors entering the green industry is on the rise. While they make a short term profit, the long term benefits are even far reaching. The profits from green bonds are applied to new and existing environmental projects.


2. Sustainable Stocks

Many companies are switching to sustainable products and using renewable resources for their production. Many companies also pledge a portion of their revenue to nonprofit organizations that support sustainability. These companies tend to support environmental protection enormously. Investing in stocks of these companies would greatly encourage these companies, so that they can continue to improve the communities they operate in.


3. Green Mutual Funds

Investing in stocks and bonds are always risky. However, buying mutual funds are safer than investing in stocks or bonds. In most cases, you’ll enjoy higher benefits. Choose mutual funds that are in the environment related or renewable energy related industry. Broadly speaking, allocating your investments in green alternative energy mutual funds would be under the umbrella of socially responsible investments.


4. Start and Operate A Green Business

windmill As an investor, you have the option to enter into a new business of your own. You can decide to invest as much or as little as you want, and start a business that directly improves the environment. There are also several green businesses that you can start with little or no startup costs.  You may be able to find financial help from other green entrepreneurs.

You also have the option to operate any business you own in sustainable way. You can buy, sell and recycle green product, use green alternative to mainstream product or services.  For example, plant trees in your and around your office, use recycled stationary, install alternative renewable power sources, drive electric cars, use recycled and green products for business, and so on.


5. Invest in Renewable Energy

The renewable energy industry is one of the biggest industries today, and it’s rising constantly. There are many ways to invest in renewable energy industry. If you are an investor, you should seriously consider investing in renewable energy industry. It allows you to buy all types of assets, or invest directly into renewable energy projects. Investing in solar or wind industry can be a bit risky but it still has a higher potential of return.


Getting into a green business can be rewarding in many ways. You are able to generate a steady income while making the planet better.

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Sources: Institute of Ecolonomics  

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