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Becoming successful in whatever we do, or whatever our careers may be, is important. It is also important to keep improving ourselves and our lives. Success means different things to different people, but most successful people would agree that success means getting excited about something, setting goals and achieving them. So, most people who succeed are passionate about their goals, and they work in a certain way that makes achieving their goals a lot easier and quicker for them.

5 Keys to success

I am always trying to gather knowledge about success, because I believe that there are some secrets that most successful people share. I have been trying to find the secrets of the millionaire minds, what they have in common and what drives them to success.

As I was trying to answers some of these questions, I came to notice that successful people are mostly very disciplined, hardworking, and organized. I have also found several keys to success that most successful people share. Below I am going to show you 5 key factors that most successful people share.

1. They are honestperson-598191_1280

One of the most common traits among people who have reached a higher level of success in their lives or career is honesty. I have never seen any CEO of an established company to lie to their customers. Honesty is a long term investment, which may not get you ahead of the game immediately, but it pays off in the long run. However, it is sad to say that honesty is becoming a scarce commodity among certain groups of  people who feel the pressure to get ahead and win by any means. Honesty teaches us to take responsibility of our own failures and to improve ourselves. Dishonest people, on the other hand, find excuses to escape from the reality, and cover the facts with lies.

2. They have a vision

Success always starts with a vision. If you can visualize your goals, you could easily come up with the right strategy to achieve your goals. If you don’t have a clear vision, no strategy will work for you. So, decide on what you want. Make a list of things that you want to achieve. Also write down what obstacles you have and how to overcome them, with a focus on what would make you happy in life.

3. They are kind & generous

Some of the richest people in the United States are also some of the greatest philanthropists. Business super giants like Bill Gates  and Warren Buffett , and even rock stars like Jon Bon Jovi and Michael Jackson, are not only known for the billions of dollars they made, but they are also known for their contributions to the society. They have donated millions of dollars for causes and to nonprofit organizations, and have established schools, hospitals and facilities for the common people.

4. They express gratitudepersonal-791363_1280

When you are thankful for the good things in life, amazing new things will start to happen. Showing your gratitude will not only make you feel good about what you have already achieved, but it will motivate you to go after more good things. So, show your gratitude every chance you get.

“Gratitude is not a spontaneous emotion that just happens to us at the moment of triumph. “-  Aaron Orendorff, a writer for the Success Magazine.

We need to actively look for reasons to show our gratitude. Expressing your gratitude to others could be just as simple as saying “thank you” more often. Gratitude is a behavior that we develop and it often leads us to success. So, show gratitude to those who helped you, who have been around you and also be thankful for everything you already have.

There’s quite a bit of research, though, to support the idea that experiencing gratitude can positively impact both your mental/emotional state and your ability to achieve the life you want. – Erica Anderson | Forbes |How Feeling Grateful Can Make You More Successful

5. They are not afraid of failure

I remember one old saying – “Failure is the pillar of success.” Failure is just an indication that you have tried one way and it didn’t work, so you need to try something else. So, every time you fail, you gain practical knowledge and it makes you stronger. The key here is not to get disheartened if you fail, but to keep trying different ways until you succeed. Finally, I would like to end here with a famous quote

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work – Thomas Alva Edison

silhouette-774836_1280No matter what goals or dreams you may have, you always need to move forward and go after them. Never look back and never dwell on your failures. The key here is to learn from your mistakes and to improve yourself. Gather knowledge and try different ways, again and again until you find success. Your failure is not wasted time, but a lesson learned.

Hope you enjoyed reading about these 5 keys to success. We’ll be back with more tips on self-improvement and life skills so please read our blogs regularly.

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