Some plants grow better and faster together. They are known as companion plants, and they support each other as they grow. Knowing which plants help each other out can help your garden be amazing!

If you love gardening, you should definitely try growing some of the companion plants in your backyard garden. Growing companion plants together in your garden can benefit you in so many different ways. They allow you to grow more crops in less time and also allow you to save space and money. They also help reduce pests and weeds from growing. How amazing is that?

Today we will discuss 5 companion plants that you can start growing in your backyard garden that will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of organic gardening, and also great home-grown foods!

tomatoes1. Tomatoes & Chives:

Chive is an awesome companion plant for tomatoes. They are perennial and can work as a backdrop for your tomatoes. They also work great together in a wide variety of dishes which can also save you a few bucks at the grocery store.

2. Green Lettuce with Cabbage:

Growing cabbage, lettuce, and leafy plants can act as mulch for your soil. It keeps your soil covered and cool, also prevents water-borne diseases from spreading at the same time, a killer combination!  

3. Garlic & Mint:

Plants with a strong smell can be used to hide the odor from precious plants that are prone to pests. The smell of plants like garlic, onion, and mint can drive flies away from your other crops grown with them. Thus this can be a sustainable pest control method!

garlic & tomatoes4. Basil & Tomatoes:

Basil is also a lovely companion plant to tomatoes. It tucks under the plant and enhances the flavor of tomatoes as it grows. You can also eat them together in a wide variety of dishes as they taste amazing together!

5. Beetroots & Potatoes:

Some plants just grow together better, they are like good friends. Together they give out better crops than what they would individually do.  They help each other stay healthy and give a better yield. Beetroots and potatoes are also healthy for you to cook and enjoy a number of delicious dishes.

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Source: Institute of Ecolonomics

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