Every day we are told that we should be more environmentally friendly. It’s something that is ever-present, and something that we are gradually turning towards as a nation. We understand that we should be doing it, but do we really understand why? If we did, perhaps more people would be quicker to adopt environmentally friendly living, which would be wondering for our planet. Read on to discover the reasons that you should be environmentally friendly.

Climate Change

Everything we do as humans on this planet has an impact on it. That impact can be either positive or negative, and it is down to us to be careful enough and conscientious enough to take responsibility and know which is which.

Climate change is a good example of the kind of problems that can arise when we don’t watch out for our actions. Sea levels are rising which is connected to the ice glaciers melting, and there are many more huge storms occurring across the world. Plus, the weather, in general, is changing, and not necessarily for the better – you may well have noted how warm it is at certain times of the year when in decades past it was not, for example.

Scientists studying climate change believe that it can be slowed down, perhaps even reversed, if we all became more environmentally aware.

Think Of The Children

When you think about what you might leave your children and grandchildren when you pass away, you probably consider material possessions such as property, or the money in your bank account. What about the planet? If we continue to use it in the way we are, there won’t be enough resources for future generations. It’s important to look after them by caring for the planet now.

Our Beautiful Planet

lakeIt’s true there are areas of our planet that are stunningly beautiful, but there are also areas that are full of pollution. The water, soil, and air around us all contain poisons; this will have a negative impact on our health, and how the planet looks.

We can help by disposing of our waste in the right way, recycling where possible, using much less plastic, and even picking up litter when we are out and about. This will help reduce pollution and can see you doing your bit for the planet.

Save Money

Being environmentally friendly is also a way that you can save money. For example, you might install home solar systems from www.goingsolar.com which means you can use the sun’s rays to heat your home and provide electricity, which is cheaper than using standard methods over time. Or you could ensure that the insulation in your home is working correctly, keeping the heat in and not letting it escape into the atmosphere – you will not have to pay so much to heat your home, saving money on your bills and using less energy as a result.

Be More Local

When we order products online, we might enjoy the convenience, but we’re not helping the planet. Those products may come from far away, and they will have to be put into trucks and driven long distances to be delivered to you. They might even have to be flown from their original country.

Shopping more locally is much better for the environment, but it has other benefits too.

  1. Shopping locally puts money into the local economy, helping small businesses flourish. That money can then be used for local projects, making your area a better one to live in.
  2. When you shop locally you won’t be driving far – you might even be able to walk. This reduces the amount of gas you use which saves you money but is also good for the planet.
  3. You’ll meet people when you are out in your own town. Even just a quick smile and greeting will make you feel good, and if you meet up with friends, or have a conversation with someone, your mood will improve greatly.

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