Every year, as weather cools down and we transition into fall and winter, it feels good to bring out our fall clothes out and wear some fashionable cloths. As we prepare ourselves for the cooler weather, it’s not enough only to cover our skin with jeans and sweater, but we also need to prepare our skin for the harsh winter weather.  

With the changing seasons you will need to take extra care of your health. You will also need to make some changes in your skincare regimen to look and feel younger.

moisturizerAlthough some of you should always keep your skin moisturized and apply sunscreen throughout the year, you should bring about some changes in your skin care methods especially suited for fall skin care.

Here are 5 skin care tips for fall to keep you looking healthy and beautiful through the fall season.

1. Apply moisturizer

Colder weather can rob our skin of moisture and leave our skin feeling dry, making it flakier and more brittle. Applying a moisturizer can bring back the smoothness and suppleness back in your skin, so apply moisturizer more than you would in the humid summer days. Use night cream and hand moisturizer lotions regularly.

2. Switch to a moisturizing body cleanser

Body cleansers tend to dry our skin in the fall and winter. Make sure the body cleanser you are using is mild enough for fall. Your fall and winter skin cleanser need to be soap free and with moisturizers that do not dry out your skin when the dry cold weather comes.

3. Maintain a skin care routine

Remember to follow all your skin care steps and routines such as facial masks, facial exfoliators, and other extra skin care steps. It’s especially important to take special care when the weather is cold and dry. A quick way to remember is to dedicate one day per week for each of those skin care tasks. For example, exfoliate on Friday, Sunday morning apply mask.

4. Take special care of your feet

feetSkin of your feet can get brittle and show cracks. You will need to exfoliate and use a foot scrub on a regular basis. Also, keep your feet moisturized with lotion and olive oil.

5. Review your skin’s sun damage

You have enjoyed the sea beaches and spend time out in the sun during the summer, so it is likely that you will find some signs of skin damage or visible signs of aging on your skin at the beginning of fall. Make sure to visit your dermatologist for special skin damage repair requirements for your skin.

These are really simple tips. Remember that a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet can boost your skin health and keep you looking younger. Workout regularly, gets enough sleep, and drinks plenty of water. Also, avoid things like excessive alcohol or cigarettes.

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Source: Balanced Life Team

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