Indoor gardening is perfect for all plant lovers. It can be done all year round and needs very little attention from you to grow. Indoor gardening can clean your indoor air as well.

Who said that indoor plants have to be strictly ornamental? You could grow a wide variety of herbs and vegetables, and get a steady supply of additional fresh food grown right at home and make your home beautiful at the same time.

Want to grow beautiful plants, herbs and vegetables at home? We are going to give you 5 tips for designing a beautiful indoor garden that will not only make your home pretty but it will also be something productive. Indoor gardening is just as easy as outdoor gardening with the added bonus of being able to spruce up your home with stylish designs.

1. Decide on the garden design

living-room-275837_1280Deciding what type of garden you should have in your house could be a tough decision. Each room of your house could have some space where plants can grow. The design of your garden needs to match the shape of the room and be consistent with the room decor. There are many themes to choose from, when it comes to choosing an indoor garden design.

You can also design wireframes, shelves, corner stands, tables, window seats, hanging light shades and many other types of container gardens indoors that match with the architecture of your house.

2. Choose a location

Your garden could be attractive enough to fit into your living room, your bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere in your house where you have plenty of sunlight, air and some additional space. You may even choose to place some planting pots in every room of your house. Your locations should have plenty of natural light, or you will have to buy some artificial lights for your plants to grow. Place your plants in a place where you can access them for grooming and have enough room for moving.

3. Start small

gardening-109895_1280When you are starting out with indoor gardening, it would be wise to start small. Try different types of plants and experiment with different looks until you get the perfect look that you want for your room. Make sure your plants have room for growing and breathing.

4. Select the right kind of plants

Make sure you know what plants are ideal for your indoor garden. Some plants need more light than others and some do not go well with other plants. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and different types of plants until you find the right plants for your needs. You will find a list of plants that you can grow indoors at the end of this article, under resources.

5. Allow the right amounts of air, water, soil and sun

Even though sunlight is essential for your plants, too much sun can become a killer for your young plants. Most indoor plants originate from the tropical or subtropical dense forest and are able to thrive in a dim atmosphere. Make sure you don’t overwater them because stagnant water is the biggest enemy for your plants. Get fluffy potting soil that does not hold water and place a saucer waiting-area-372789_1280under your planting pots. Make sure your pots have holes under them for drainage. For plants that need a lot of sun, place them on the window sill. Check the level of water in your pots and check to make sure that your plants are not being g burnt by the sun.

So, get started without delay. You can try to grow all different types of herbs in your home garden. Try growing microgreens in a soilless aquaponic system, where you can raise fish and grow plants at the same time. There are hundreds of beautiful indoor garden ideas found on the internet. Some of the links are given below, so try them out and see which one will suite your taste and requirements.

Happy farming, all!

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Source: Nourish the Planet

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