Working in the health industry can be a calling for many people, but which direction to follow as a career path is not always so clear — especially if you would also like to be your own boss. The medical industry is filled with many different roles, each of which could be an option, but not all activities are well-suited to self-employment. Most jobs in the healthcare industry involve working for a hospital or as part of a larger practice. However, there are several ways for you to be your own boss in the health industry.


One option is to become a physician. You may opt to be a generalist or specialize in a particular field or condition, like allergies or cardiology. Whatever you choose, you will need to go to medical school and take a residency before you will be qualified to practice. In total, these education expenses average around $190,000, but the median annual salary for physicians is over $200,000 a year. You will also have the freedom to schedule or not schedule patients however you like.


If you would like to work in the health industry but you’d prefer to stay away from medicine, optometry may be a good fit instead. In this career, you would help fit people with glasses and examine them for eye conditions. You will still need to attend a Doctor of Optometry program and you may also want to take a residency in order to specialize in low vision, pediatric, or geriatrics. However, you will have absolute freedom in how you schedule your patients when you have your own practice. The average salary is just under $113,000.

Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is another option. Depending on the state in which you live, you may only need a masters degree to hang out your own shingle. However, in some cases, you may be required to earn a clinical doctorate first. Physical therapists are employed by fitness centers and outpatient clinics, but they also visit homes and assisted living facilities. It would be your option whether you would like to travel for your work or not. Plus, physical therapists earn more than $76,000 per year on average.

Senior Helper

You may also consider becoming a senior helper. People in this field earn as much as $25 per hour and there are no formal certifications to earn. Senior helpers provide assistance to elderly people. In some cases, this can involve bathing or other caregiving such as in the case of someone who has Alzheimer’s disease or physical disability. In other instances, senior helpers simply provide lifestyle assistance. They run errands, tidy up, and help organize home finances.

Direct Seller

Finally, you can be your own boss with a company like Amway. When partnered with the direct sales company, you can sell health and nutrition products all on your own schedule. With Amway, you can make money online or by meeting with your customers in-person. The choice is yours. There are no formal certifications required but Amway does offer training and mentorship programs to help you succeed. The best part is that your earnings are limited only by the amount of time you want to spend selling for the company.


Working in the health industry does not have to involve working for a hospital or even having a medical degree. There are ways that you can participate in the world of health while being your own boss and enjoying all the flexibility that comes with that.

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