Winter is fast approaching and you’ll need to make some changes to your home to adjust to the changing weather. Unfortunately, winter could also mean extra money spent on your energy bills.

An old saying goes; a penny saved is a penny earned. You can save a significant amount of money all year round just by making your home more energy efficient.

Statistics show that during the winter season, our winter energy bills can be higher than summer because we are spending more time at home. Most American households will pay an extra 15% on heating bills. However, if you prepare your house and make a few tweaks you may be able to save a significant amount of money on energy bills.

Saving energy does not only save you money on your utility bills but it also saves our planet. The more energy we use, the more fossil fuels are burned to produce that energy, which adds to carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


5 Home Affordable Energy Saving Tips for the Winter:

windowWhen winter arrives, you need to prepare your home. Just like raking leaves and cleaning your gutters, there are other changes you will need to make to your house to save energy.

To prepare your home for the upcoming winter, we’ve got some simple and affordable tips for you. Implement them and you’ll surely see results that’ll benefit you. So, follow these tips below to winterize your homes.

Below we have 5 tips to improve the energy efficiency of your home so that you’ll save money and energy during the winter season.

1. Conduct an Energy Audit:

A home energy audit or home energy assessment lets you know how much energy your home consumes. Conduct an energy audit with help from a professional if you haven’t done so already. It would allow you to find out what changes you need to make to your home to save the most energy. Making an investment for long-term energy savings will offset the costs of home improvement in the short run.


2. Take Advantage of the Natural Heat from the Sun:

Sun is the most abundant, reliable and clean source of energy we have. And the best part, it’s free! You can heat a part of the house facing the sun by opening up the curtains and letting the sunlight in. Close all curtains at night so that you don’t feel the chill from your windows at night.  

Cover drafty windows with heavy duty insulating drapes and seal around your windows. You may even want to invest in energy efficient windows.

electric tower

3. Dead Trees and Limbs:

It’s important that you get rid of all dead trees and limbs from around your house before winter sets in. Dead trees and branches can damage your roof; clog up your gutter and water drainage systems, decks and porches. Clean and get rid of any overhanging branches or limbs. If you have a backyard pond, you’ll need to clean it too.


4. Adjust your Thermostat:

Set your thermostat as low as you comfortably can when you are awake. Turn your thermostat 10 degrees down when you are asleep or when you’re not at home. That simple switch saves a significant amount of energy all year round. An energy efficient, programmable thermostat can automatically adjust your temperature and cut down your energy bills.


5. Maintain your Heating System:

heating system Before winter gets here, it’s a good time to check your heating system. You may need to replace your filters, seal your ducts, and clean out your ventilations.  Check and see if you are losing heat through faulty insulation around your doors, windows, or in your walls. Check and see if you need to seal around your pipes or utility cut-through holes.



These are our energy saving tips this week. These are simple and yet effective. You may not find them cost effective immediately, but in the long run you’ll see the difference in your utility bills. Sealing your house, using energy efficient doors, windows and appliances and turning down your thermostat or water heater by a few degrees will result in 10-15% reduction of your energy bills all year round.

Think about it, if we all saved a little bit of energy every day, imagine what can be saved all around the world in the long run.

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Source: Institute of Ecolonomics


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