Businesses both large and small can have a significant impact on the environment. However, there are numerous things you can do to make your workplace more energy efficient. Below you’ll find 6 simple suggestions that could make a huge difference, not just to the environment but to the budget of the business. Take a look!

1. Turn Everything Off At The End Of The Day

At the end of the day, make sure everything is switched off. We’ve all been guilty of leaving a computer or appliance on standby every now and again, but it’s a good idea to get out of this habit. Turning everything off at the end of the day, including lights, will ensure a more energy efficient workplace, and you’ll also save money on the cost of your energy bills.

2. Recycle And Reuse Everything You Can

Recycle and reuse where possible. Make sure your business is sustainable by reusing and repurposing items and being vigilant with the recycling bin. Put up notices so that there’s no confusion on what can be recycled.

3. Make Sure Everybody Is On The Same Page

Ensure everybody within the business is on the same page. Send out an email, put up a notice, and even consider holding a short meeting. Everybody should know how their actions within the business affect the environment and what they can do to change this.

4. Encourage Carpooling/Walking/Cycling/Public Transport To Work

One person driving to work in one car can have a significant negative impact on the environment over time. Offer incentives for employees who choose to carpool, walk, cycle, or use public transport to arrive at work. This may not be possible for everybody, as it’ll depend on where your employees are coming from. However, there are likely many people who will be able to make such a change.

5. Reduce Paper Wastage

Many businesses use a lot of paper, but to become more eco-friendly this needs to stop. You can reduce paper wastage by only printing where absolutely necessary, and using both sides of the paper. Go paperless where possible, for instance, when it comes to bills and invoices. You can also invest in recycled paper and more sustainable inks to use for printing.  

6. Let The Natural Light In Where Possible

Natural light is a key to happiness. It can have a huge effect on mood and productivity. Not only will it be a positive impact on the environment if you choose to let natural light in, but you should also find a higher quality of work produced by your employees. If you must use artificial light at times, try replacing any old incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.

The above 6 things are all incredibly simple and should help you to create a more energy efficient workplace. Everybody within the workplace should be on the same page and understand the role they play in creating a more sustainable environment. Don’t wait to implement these changes – the world is desperate for change, and the things we do immediately can make an impact!

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