Looking for creative planting ideas? Indoor plants are a favorite for home decoration. It does a whole lot more than making your home pretty. It also helps to improve your indoor air quality and brings you closer to nature.

There is nothing more artistic and practical at the same time like growing indoor plants, to decorate your home.  Indoor plants are elegant, beautiful and healthy for the environment, all at the same time. You don’t even need to worry about the  approaching winter, it’s not going to stop you from growing your plants, if you do them indoors in containers.

You don’t need to invest a whole lot of money to buy indoor planters or containers. You can easily use a wide variety of easily available household things that may be lying around your house. Things like plastic bottles, old boxes, old furniture  and such can easily be turned into amazing indoor planters. It can save you both, money and space.

It takes very little skill and maintenance to keep your greenery alive. If you are looking for indoor planting ideas, check out some of the innovative ideas below.  They are sure to inspire you to curate your own indoor planning ideas. 

1. Used plastic bottles

Here is an idea that allows you to reuse your old plastic bottles, and turn them into a vertical garden or hanging garden. You can cut into plastic bottles, put potting soil in them and grow plants in them.

2. Old tea cups

plantersOld tea or coffee cups, and mugs can be turned into amazing containers for planting little plants like basil, cilantro or parsley. They would sit perfectly on your window sill.    

3. Ladder planters

Build a pretty ladder using 2X6 wooden boards, lean them against your walls and place planting pots on them. You will need some wooden boards, a drill, some screws and an electric saw to design and build a ladder.

4. Recycled tin can

A number of herbs and vegetables can be grown using old tin cans. You will probably find a number of old tin cans from biscuits, soda or canned food that you would otherwise throw away in the garbage. Use those old tin cans for planting. You are able to decorate them, paint them and hang them with chains from ceiling.

5. Wine bottles

We all have old wine bottles around the house. They can be easily turned into cool planters. There are plenty of ways to turn wine bottles into planters. You can cut them yourself or buy premade wine bottle planters. Check out this guide for cutting wine bottles.  

6. Pretty glass containers

glass planterGet some old glass containers, fish bowls, old pitchers, a punch bowl, or anything of that kind and use them for planting. They work great, and can fit anywhere in your living room, bedroom or kitchen.

7. Old furniture

Do you have old bookshelves? Any old furniture can be turned into planters.  Your old wooden furniture, wire furniture, steel furniture and much more can be painted, rebuilt and used for placing your planting pots. This gives you an opportunity to reuse and rebuild old stuff which would otherwise end up in the landfill.


DIY projects are always cool for making your home attractive. It saves you money, and also gives you an amazing hobby that helps you connect with nature.  You don’t need any expensive equipment or expensive supplies for creating beautiful planters for your home.

Grow plants anywhere. You have a variety of different plants to choose from. You can grow your own food, make your house look pretty and improve your environment with these plants.

Don’t let the fall weather stop you from gardening. You can use containers or smart convenient and attractive Aquaponic Tower Gardens that can be placed anywhere in your house. You can start growing plants in small containers indoors, right on your kitchen window sill, so try growing some of these plants at home today.

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Source:  Nourish the Planet

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