Growing indoor plants can be an easy way to decorate your house and lift your mood, but did you know that they also purify the indoor air? Plants remove carbon dioxide from the air, add oxygen and even filter out toxins.

I’m going to share some of the best plants to improve the air quality of your home. What are your favorite plants? Share them with us below in our comment section or on our facebook page.

Plants help to improve your health in many ways. They help you to relax, reduce blood pressure and also improve your mood. Research shows that simply being around greenery benefits your health significantly.

“Caring for a plant enhances our sense of well-being and connects us with nature,” says Georgianna Donadio, PhD.

Some plants are especially famous for their air purification capabilities and I have compiled a list of 7 of the best.

1. Aloe Vera

Fumes from building materials, chemicals, paint, and even household cleaning products can make indoor air toxic. Aloe Vera is an easy-to-grow plant that is known to clean indoor air from formaldehyde and benzene, found in paint or chemical-based household cleaners.

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In addition to their air cleansing abilities, the gel from Aloe Vera is also a powerful natural antibiotic and adaptogen. It can heal cuts and burns and also help your skin to cope with external changes.

2. Orchid Dendrobium

Orchids are beautiful flowering plants that are perfect for home decoration. They are stunning on your desk, window sill, in your kitchen, or as a corner feature in any room. Most varieties of orchid dendrobium have a tall upright shape, making them a fantastic decoration.

These plants need direct sunlight to grow, so make sure you have plenty of sun exposure where you place them.

Decorating homes with beautiful orchid plants is a trick used by interior designers for years. Orchid plants, apart from looking beautiful, clean the interior air of up to 89% of harmful VOCs like formaldehyde and xylene.

3. Spider

aloe-74451_1280Spider plants are effective against toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene, a solvent used in the rubber, printing and leather industries.

These plants are resilient, low maintenance and pet friendly. While their greenery is cheering you up, spider plants are quietly purifying your indoor air, supplying you with fresh oxygen.

4. Fern

Ferns are actually an excellent plant to have indoors. There are several ways that ferns can be planted and used indoors quite easily. They are excellent for getting rid of indoor pollutants such as toluene and xylene, which are found in many household chemical-based products, such as glue, paint and nail polish.

5. Bamboo palm

Bamboo plants are low maintenance plants that grow with minimum care. They grow very fast in any corner of your room, in any sized flowering pot, with very little attention from you. Just place them somewhere that they can receive a few hours of sunlight every day.

These plants are great for purifying your indoor air. They are especially great at removing formaldehyde, which is found in food preservatives and garden supplies.

6. Gerber Daisy

These are bright flowering plants, effective in filtering out trichloroethylene and benzene from the air. These chemicals may come in from your laundry or printed materials such as magazines or newspaper.

220px-Spathiphyllum_cochlearispathum_RTBGThese plants need a lot of sunlight, so place them in a south-facing location where they can be exposed to a few hours of sun every day.

7. Peace lily

Peace lilies are ideal plants to have in your home. These plants are powerful at removing a wide range of toxins from the air including acetone, alcohols, benzene and ammonia. These plants are also beautiful flower-bearing plants that look great anywhere in your home. They thrive at room temperatures below 55 degrees F.


Studies have shown that there can be many toxic fumes from chemicals found in your indoor air that can harm your health.

The quality of air in your home can influence your health, wellbeing and your mood. Placing plants in your home can naturally purify your indoor air and supply you with fresh, oxygen-rich air naturally, while making your rooms beautiful.

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