Are you looking for a clever gift idea that everyone will love? If you care about the environment, there is no gift more valuable than a green gift that lowers human impact on the environment. Your green gifts may inspire others too to become environmentally friendly. Eco-friendly gifts do not have to be expensive; you just need some creativity and imagination. The end result is always beneficial for everyone. In this article we are going to show you some green gift ideas that are sure to impress your recipients, save you money while also saving the environment.

Green gift ideas for holidays

Here are 8 green gift ideas that will help promote sustainability and consciousness about the environment while saving you money.

1. Buy a ticket to an event

kayak-282312_1280Your friends will love gifts in the form of tickets or invitations. Buy them tickets to a show, bike tour, movie tickets, seminar, game show, a concert, or ticket to any other physical activity. You can easily buy these tickets online and have them delivered via email or printed out.

2. Purchase membership to a club

You can encourage your friends to get out more and have more outdoor fun by buying them a membership to an outdoor activity club or lesson, such as a sailing club, biking club, rock climbing lessons, membership to a gym, nature club, etc.

3. Plants as gifts

cactus-217194_1280Indoor plants make a great green gift that your friends will love. They look beautiful and also purify the indoor air. Buy them potted plants such as an orchid, fern, cactus, peace lilies and so on. Or, you could buy equipment for them so that they can grow indoor plants themselves such as pots, indoor soil seeds, etc.

4. Add a personal touch

Your friends will love your personal touch. If you are good with arts and crafts, or good with your hands, you could make something yourself. A painting, printed photos, or hand-knitted scarves make great gifts.

5. Gifts that minimize waste

There are several gift ideas that can help your recipient cut down waste and have the gift of green living. Look for water or energy saving gadgets to gift to your loved ones. Purchasing reusable containers, water bottles and water purifiers, can be excellent gift ideas that reduce waste.

6. Recycling gifts

box-46813_1280If you’ve got some gifts at home that you never opened or used, you could easily re-gift them to someone who can put these items to a good use. Recycling gifts will allow you to reuse items that were otherwise being wasted. Also try to buy gifts that are made from recycled material. When you buy a product, look for a recycled version of it. Use less packaging, and try to reuse wrapping paper and gift bags. Donate your old items, canned food and clothing that you don’t use to a nearby charity or soup kitchen as a gift.

7. Organic food

Purchase organic food as gift items this holiday from your local farmer’s market, something your recipient can use and use up. You could buy fruits, vegetables, seeds, make-your-own Bloody Mary, or cider. You can make your gift creative with a vintage bottle. Organic homemade jam, apple pie, pumpkin pie can add to your traditional flavor.

8. Gifts that help environmental groups

harvest-482617_1280Try to buy gifts that benefit environmental groups, wildlife, and nature conservancy funds. Many organizations will allow you to buy gifts that fund charities and environmental protection agencies.

This holiday, make a shift towards green living and give the gift of sustainability to the world. Holidays don’t mean that we need to increase waste. We could all have a greener Christmas if we make a conscious decision to choose green alternatives to any gift item that we would normally purchase.

Hope you’ll have a great green Christmas this year. Live green, and convince others to join the green movement as well.

P.S: – Have more green ideas? please add your ideas below in the comment box.

Source: Environmental Professionals Network

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