We all have picked up some bad habit that harm our world. Making some simple lifestyle changes could easily make this world a better place for all of us.

As quoted often, maybe never proven otherwise, “The universe has been kind to us”. It has provided for our survival, comfort, sustenance and nourishment. But we are, after all, tragically human. There are quite a few socially embedded habits that people around the world have adapted with, that have continued to hurt the environment. To point them out would be the first step towards their elimination and subsequently repairing of the damage done.

1. Electricity Over-Useeletricity

Turning off a light bulb or two wouldn’t hurt. Switching off the excessive appliances when not in use, would save energy and  help light things up in another part of the world. Go on, take a look. What do you not need essentially?

2. Excessive Water Usage:

Long showers are a bliss, but they might end once and for all if we are not careful. Leaving the water running, over-using water for washing clothes and vehicles and recreational wastage of water, are all serious social ailments that are running us out of the essence of our survival.

3. Not Recycling:

There are a thousand uses of what we consider waste. From plastic bottles to waste paper, it is all useful and it’s  being thrown out in its prime.

4. Driving when not Necessary:

Before you get in your car and start driving, ask yourself, is it really necessary? Are you able to carpool or use the public transport systems instead? This part is not as unavoidable as one would think. Switching to walking once a while is not only a health benefit, but it also serves the environment in the long-run.

5. Overuse of Plastic Containers:

Using plastic bottles, boxes and containers is a hazard because they don’t decay. Plastic bottles have shown their true nature in clogging up entire reefs.

6. Paper Based Junk Mail:

water waste Also discussed in a related article recycling one ton of paper can power up an average home for six months and save 700 gallons of water. About half of all mail received in the US each year is junk mail. That comes to about 105 billion pieces of mail each year. It takes about 100 million trees to produce all of this junk mail and about 44% of it ends up in the landfill, unopened!

7. Unplanned Agriculture:

Livestock produces about 18 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases. They are also a cause of deforestation, as huge land spaces are cleared for grazing and feeding livestock. Also, runoff chemicals from agricultural sites can pollute the environment, causing greenhouse effect.

8. Using Plastic Bags:

Plastic grocery bags are one of the worst things for our environment. About 12 million barrels of oil are used to produce the bags that are used in just the US each year! And sadly only about 7% of them are recycled. Across the world, about 4 billion bags end up polluting the environment as litter each year.

9. Not Recycling Electronics:

If you throw away your old electronics, you are harming the universe quite a bit. The batteries and other components inside cause lead, arsenic, mercury and other harmful chemicals to seep into the earth.

Hope you’ll join us on our battle to combat negative impacts on the globe. Just make a few changes in your lifestyle, to get rid of the bad habits, and it can make a big difference collectively.

Do you have more ideas that could be added to this list? Please feel free to add your own ideas in the comment box below. Please let us know your thoughts on this article.

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Source: Environmental Professionals Network

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