The workplace can be a dangerous place no matter what industry you are in. It is true that some industries are much more hazardous than others, such as construction, but accidents frequently occur even in office-based industries, and often these incidents are avoidable. Knowing what the most common accidents are is important because this will help youth reduce the likelihood of them happening in your place of work which could help to reduce damage and even save a life. Sometimes an accident is unavoidable, but many can be avoided with a little care and planning. Here are a few of the more common accidents.

1. Slips, Trips & Falls

Unsurprisingly, slips, trips, and falls are common in all industries and a hazard that all employers need to be aware of. These usually occur due to wet surfaces, untidy work floors, and uneven surfaces. You can reduce the likelihood of these accidents occurring by keeping a tidy workspace and putting down signs when cleaning. With these accidents, it is often due to the negligence of the company which means that an employee can seek compensation through a company like

2. Muscle Strains & RSI

Muscle strains are usually sustained through frequent heavy lifting and/or poor lifting technique. These can be avoided through teaching the proper technique, by encouraging staff to take regular breaks and through avoiding lifting amounts which are too heavy. RSI, meanwhile, occurs when a worker is performing the same motion over and over again which can be damaging to the joints. Regular breaks and ergonomic equipment can reduce the likelihood of someone developing RSI.

3. Machinery-Related Injury

Wheel LoaderMachine-related accidents can be high in industries where various machines are used, and these can be severe. They often see someone being struck or getting a body part stuck in the machine which can lead to crushed limbs, lacerations, blindness, etc. These accidents can be avoided by safeguarding machines, proper training, protective clothing and regular testing of machinery.

4. Vehicle-Related Injury

Similarly, industries, where vehicles like trucks, automobiles, and forklifts are used, are also hazardous. Being struck by the vehicle, colliding vehicles, falling from a vehicle and being struck by objects falling from the vehicle are all threats which are found in agriculture, industrial and manufacturing industries.

5. Cuts

Cuts can occur in all industries and can range from small paper cuts through to large lacerations. These usually occur due to poor training, not paying attention and/or failure to wear protective clothing. This means that they can be relatively easy to reduce simply through proper training and by providing high-quality protective clothing.

Accidents happen in all industries (although some more than others). These are a few of the more common accidents that occur across various different industries and by being aware of what they are you can take steps to reduce the likelihood of them occurring. These accidents can be extremely damaging and must be avoided at all costs and often they can be avoided simply with a little bit of care and effort.

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