Agritourism is when agriculture and tourism come together. Learning about agriculture can give us a whole new perspective on food. Visiting farms, ranches and other facilities of farming will give you firsthand experience and knowledge about farming.

Summer means vacation and lots of outdoor fun. What could be more fun than experiencing a working farm? Visiting a farm could be a very pleasant experience while you learn about farming. There is no doubt that learning about how food is being grown is very important. Today, it is even more important that we learn how and where our food was grown. Agritourism could be a fun way to learn about farming, it’s also a great way to be in touch with nature and farm animals. Visiting farms and ranches would give you the knowledge about becoming a farmer, if you are considering a career in farming and ranching. We need to save our farmlands, and increase our food production for the future.

Why visit a farm?landscape-559434_1280

Our farm lands provide food for us. They are our national assets, just as our farmers who work hard to grow food for us are. Visiting a farm will give you an understanding of how a farmer works. They have to wake up at the break of dawn and tend to their farms around the clock, making sure that all their crops and animals are healthy.

Visiting a farm regularly will help you understand the regular crop growing cycle from beginning to end. You will understand what obstacles are faced by a farmer and how they overcome them. Visiting farms could be especially beneficial for educating young farmers or children, giving them hands on experience. It’s also beneficial for you if you want to go into the farming industry or want to start your own farm.

Agritourism helps local farmers and the local economy. It helps us to understand that where our food comes from is important. It is also important that our future generations understand where our food comes from. Our farmlands are our assets and should be preserved. Visiting farmlands gives us valuable knowledge about farming and farm animals, and it also helps the farmers generate revenue while they teach.

It’s a great way to have some outdoor fun, while we learn about food production. Perhaps the biggest lesson we can learn from visiting a farm is learning what it really takes to become an organic farmer,

Agritourism is especially beneficial for children, to help them understand how food is grown. Teach children about farming and have some great outdoor fun.

Replay of the NTP/CEED Biweekly Hangout With Taber Ward

This is another exciting webinar with our huddle guest Taber Ward, founder and Executive Director of MFD. On this webinar Taber talks about Mountain Flower’s daily operations, employee supervision, herd-health, food safety protocol, volunteer and intern program, milk shares and education programs.

Video Credit: Ecolonomics

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Source: Institute of Ecolonomics

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