Do you have a backyard? Then continue reading and you will find some amazing ideas for designing and constructing your own backyard water garden. It could make your home stunningly gorgeous. In addition to great looks, there are also other health and environmental benefits of having a backyard water garden. Keep reading to find out.

If you have a backyard, you could easily turn it into a gorgeous garden with fountains, pools, and flowers. A water garden can turn your backyard into a relaxing haven that everyone can enjoy. You could raise fish, grow vegetables and also create a great place for you, your friends, and family to come together and enjoy.

Another huge benefit of having a backyard water garden is that, you could grow your own food in it. It would lower your grocery bills, improve your health, and also help the environment.

Below are some step by step instructions and some ideas for building a stunning backyard water garden.

Backyard water garden ideas

So, how do you start building a backyard water garden? Here are a few things you will need to do to start designing your backyard water garden.

The Design

japanese-garden-646335_1280Your construction begins with planning. You need to have a pretty good picture of what you want your backyard water garden to look like, both, in your mind and also on paper. Having a written plan will guide you through your entire work and help you estimate your cost of materials and labor. You wish to hire people to help you with your work or you can save a little and learn some by doing it yourself!

Designing your garden will require you to really investigate your garden and look at different possibilities. Here are a few things you need to consider to come up with a good design.

Here are a few things to really concentrate on when investigating your existing garden:

  • What do you already have that could be useful?
  • What obstacles do you  need to work around?
  • What are the things you want changed or removed?

You could consult a good landscaping company to help you with your designs. They can be quite reasonable. Or look at some websites that have great backyard water garden design ideas and design it yourself. I recommend that you visits some of the sites listed below at the end of this article.

The paper work

A sketch will be also helpful in case you need construction permits from your local authorities, or from your local city council. To make an accurate design you will have to actually measure your garden and come up with an accurate layout. If you can use your computer for CAD (computer aided) designs, do so, or get help from someone who can. It will help you to come up with an accurate layout of your garden. Even if you cannot make an accurate design, don’t worry, you can always start working on a general idea.

However, make sure that you have everything you need to obtain proper permits if you are planning to do major digging and constructions work in your backyard. Also make sure you know where all your utility lines are located, such as your water, sewage, electric and telephone lines. A little extra time will save you a lot of trouble and expense.

Building a pond with fountain

garden-603845_1280Your pond and your fountain will become the center of attention for your backyard garden. There are several factors that will come into play when choosing the right kind of pond you want to have in your backyard. Your pond size will vary depending on the space you have available, the  type of fish you wish to raise  and the purpose of the pond.

Things to consider when building the right pond for your water garden

Select a proper location

Select a suitable location for your pond. Pick a spot that is visible from your home, so that you can enjoy it even more. Ponds attract butterflies, birds, and other wildlife so having a pond close to your home may attract some interesting and beautiful visitors. An in-ground pond looks more attractive than an above ground pond, so dig and install a pond liner and place some stones in it. Make the pond surface level slightly higher than the surrounding area and slope the edges outwards, so that runoff rainwater does not enter into your pond and cause it to overflow.

What types of fish you want to keep?

Once you know where you pond will be located you can decide how big it will be. The size of your pond  will impact what fish you will be able to keep. A koi pond, for example, needs to be larger than a goldfish pond because koi tend to grow larger than goldfish, and they will also eat some plants.

Installing a fountain or waterfall

To create a waterfall or fountain you will need to install a pump in the middle of your pond. You will find more information on digging a reservoir and installing your fountain on this website. Also check out Build the Perfect Garden Pond – Laguna Ponds for more information.

Determine the size of your water garden

lotus-666768_1280Your pond size should be suitable to fit into your backyard garden and also big enough to accommodate your fish. For warmer areas, your pond should be at least 2 feet deep. For colder areas you need more depth to prevent your pond from becoming completely frozen in the winter. For raising koi, you need a bigger pond to allow enough space for the larger fish. More information on digging a pond can be found here.

After your pond is done, fill it up with water and put some plants and fish in it. Also surround your pond with flowering plants. You could grow fresh herbs and vegetables in your backyard garden as well, for a more functional garden that not only looks nice but provides you with some food.

A water garden can really do wonders for your home and backyard. You can make your project really exciting by working on it yourself. Have your friends, family, and neighbors to help you with your project. It would give you a great opportunity to get together and enjoy some outdoor fun.

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