Enjoy growing your own food but are perpetually restricted by space? If you’re an apartment dweller or have a small yard, we’ve found the solution for you – Vertical Tower Gardens.

The joy of growing food and planting can come very naturally to some. But what if you are living in an apartment, condo or a building where it is practically impossible to grow things? Are constricting city spaces killing your passion to grow your own food? Well, you can thank those garden geeks out there who share the same passion as you. They exist, and they put their brainpower together to mix technology with nature.

I give you “Juice Plus Tower Gardens” Voila! God bless our garden geeks! It was impossible to grow fruits and vegetables inside your home a decade ago. But now, Tower Gardens have simplified the traditional gardening using the unique Vertical Garden System approach.

The idea of a vertical garden is a big hit because it creates more space for plants to grow with no soil required! Smaller homesteads can now grow. A vertical tower garden allows the finest plant growth, plus, look at the pictures! It’s PRETTY NICE to look at too!

How it Works?


A vertical aquaponic system does not need soil to grow fruits and vegetables. It’s designed over a fish tank in a standing position. This system can produce twice the amount of growing plants and fruits than the traditional hydroponic system on the same amount of surface area.

A 6-foot tower produces more than 200 heads of lettuce per year and requires a comparatively smaller fraction of water to grow the same crop in the soil!

The waste from fish plays the role of fertilizer. A small pump is used to draw nutrient-mixed water from the tank to the top of the vertical columns, which then sprinkle down the water onto the plants. The water trickles down and gets absorbed through the roots of the plants, giving them all the nutrients they need to grow. As the water is falling back into the tank, it gathers oxygen from the air, thus oxygenating the tank water. It’s a waste-free process and under ideal conditions, you won’t even have to clean the fish tank!

The only two things you need to do is, feed the fish and provide energy to the pump. That’s about it and your Aquaponic Vertical Garden is good to go!

How Can I Get My Hands On A Vertical Aquaponic Garden?

There is an easy way and a hard way. The easy way is to simply buy a Juice Plus Tower Garden and then work with us here at Nourish the Planet to help you convert your hydroponic system to an aquaponic system. It is a really very easy conversion.  Many people are doing it and saving time. I recommend you buy it from the Juice Plus Tower Garden website. It comes with all professional supplies and instructions.


Now, if you are a “do it yourself” kind of a guy – Build a vertical aquaponic veggie & fish farm for small yards & houses: you can find very good instructions here to learn the process of building an aquaponic system all by yourself.

I hope you will enjoy growing your own food. It’s an exciting new system that everyone should try. Grow multiple crops at home, and it could lead to food security or even economic stability for individuals, small businesses, or farms.

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