In our daily lives, we make hundreds and thousands of decisions. Some of the decisions are made in a split second and some of our decisions require more thinking. Our lives and success depends a whole lot on our decision making abilities. Our decisions could include simple daily tasks such as responding to an email, to what to focus on and where to allocate our most important time, to what we should eat for dinner. Our success in life and productivity often depends on how swiftly and efficiently we make those decisions.

Sometimes our decision making becomes more critical and complex when we are faced with two or more unknowns and when decision also includes opinions of others. It can also be difficult to make the right decision when we don’t know the outcome or consequences of each unknown alternative, especially when we make big decisions such as changing a job, moving to a new city or ending a long term relationship. We will discuss some techniques of effective decision making with complex variables and outcomes in this blog.

Techniques of making smart decisions

vote-33737_1280Decision making is a leadership skill that can be learned. However, this article is not only about decision making but rather about smart decision making. We often make a decision and later regret it. I am sure that you even have been in a situation where you said to yourself “I can’t believe I did that.” Several factors influence our decision making and once we recognize those factors, we will be able to make smarter decisions.

Factors that influence your decisions

Before we make any important decision, we must recognize all the factors that are responsible in our decision making process and how we arrive to the decision that we choose. We should also recognize the factors that influence our decision making process in order to understand why and how decisions were made.

  • past experience
  • age
  • instinct
  • mental or emotional state
  • strong will & desire
  • stress

1. Identify the problem

Identifying the problem often helps you make a smarter decision. For example, if you are faced with a problem and need to make a decision, identify the problem first. Look at the options that you have open. If money solves your problem, then you have an expense not a problem.


2. Gather information

Gathering information about the problem and the probable solution is the process of “thinking through.” This is particularly important when you are faced with a bigger problem and the outcome might have an impact on your future, or it might change your life. For example, deciding when to get married or change a job, which may have a long term effect on your life.

3. Don’t just rely on instincts

When making a decision that involves finances, you should not rely on your gut feelings, or you might risk valuable time and money. Your decisions should be supported by facts, evidence and logic. Examine the pros and cons; make sure that the logic behind your decisions holds up. The three important keys behind any smart decision are as follows:

  • get evidence
  • examine logic
  • experiment

4. Seek help from others to improve your judgment

right-238369_1280When you find out that the decisions you’ve made aren’t working out well for you, you might find it helpful to discuss it with others or seek help. For example, you might have launched a product that isn’t selling. In this situation, calling on others for help might improve your situation. However, changing your decisions and accepting failure can also improve your judgment.

Thinking through your decisions and making smart choices are the major factors behind smart decisions. Also, identify the factors that may influence your decisions. If you are not in sound health or in a good mental or emotional state, avoid making important decisions, and seek advice if necessary.

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Source: Balanced Life Team

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